Thick Mick Quotations!

Written by Thick Mick.

"When I was a boy, SAWDUST wasrepparttar remains ofrepparttar 141333 saw itself"

"Sparerepparttar 141334 rod and have a spare rod, as well as more energy".

"We didn't have any washing machines. Just as well because we had no electricity".

"Nappies/diphers are no more that restrictive cotton containers!"

"You should walk a dog, and run a cat".

"A dog is a man's best friend. So it is better to sharerepparttar 141335 dinner of a dog, than to eat food cooked by strangers".

Austin Powers 2 Quotes

Written by Stephanie Molnar

Scott: If you've got a time machine, why don't you just go back and kill Austin Powers when he's sitting onrepparttar crapper or something?

Dr. Evil: Well it's true! You're semi-evil. You're quasi-evil. You'rerepparttar 141124 margarine of evil. You'rerepparttar 141125 Diet Coke of evil. Just one calorie, not evil enough.

Felicity Shagwell: Felicity Shagwell, CIA. Shagwell by name, shag very well by reputation.

Fat Bastard: Of course I'm not happy. Look at me, I'm a big fat slob. I've got bigger titties than you do. I've got more chins than a Chinese phonebook. I've not seen my willie in two years, which is long enough to declare it legally dead.

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