They Grow So Fast

Written by K Quinn

Before you go and spend a small fortune on clothing your little one will soon outgrow research some other resources for low cost baby clothing and what you can do with it when they outgrow it. Many people are starting to buy their baby clothing in bulk on Search for your child's size and gender and see what you find. Another good place to find low cost clothing are garage sales and second hand stores. Babies spend so little time in their clothes before they're ready forrepparttar next size thatrepparttar 140958 items hardly look worn at all. Once you're done

Raising Your Children, While Raising Your Income

Written by Brenda Lilly

If you’re like me, you left Corporate America, traded in your suits for tennis shoes and are staying home to be with your children. Maybe you’re just thinking about it at this point. You knew this was not an easy decision. It meant cutting your income in half, at least. However, when faced withrepparttar choice of working 40+ hours away from your children, you just could not envision that future.

You may have just planned to get by on one income untilrepparttar 140957 children are all in school. Perhaps, you even thought about picking up some part time evening work.

You’ll be happy to know there’s a much better alternative to all ofrepparttar 140958 above. Network Marketing. Yes, you heard me correctly. Why go back to earning an hourly wage at all? You can run your own business, manage your hours and set your own income. You’ve managed other employees, departments, offices, etc. in Corporate America, you certainly have what it takes to manage yourself. Find a great business opportunity and outstanding team and follow their lead.

The tricky part comes fromrepparttar 140959 same blessing – you are doing this from home. Here are some tips I’ve learned.

 Get your spouse on board. It would really be ideal if they joined you inrepparttar 140960 business. If that is notrepparttar 140961 case, at least have them on your side and create a work schedule. Trust me, they missrepparttar 140962 other 50% of what used to be your income too.  Stick torepparttar 140963 schedule. Yes, this is a flexible business and that is one ofrepparttar 140964 biggest benefits. However, you have to treat it likerepparttar 140965 business it is. How many times would you have allowed someone in your organization not to show up for work in a month?

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