There are many free web hosting options on the web, but do some research before you use one for your online business.

Written by Syd Johnson

Where can I find free web hosting? There are hundreds of free web hosting services onrepparttar web. You can type “free web hosting” into any major search engine and get an expanded list. However, when you sign up for free hosting account, you are basically signing an expanded advertising agreement.

What exactly is free hosting? In exchange for free hosting,repparttar 134373 company can place ads your website. The ads can be placed onrepparttar 134374 top ofrepparttar 134375 main page,repparttar 134376 top of every page, or onrepparttar 134377 sides. The ads are usually not targeted. It is possible that they won’t matchrepparttar 134378 demographics of your web visitors. In addition, they are not customized to matchrepparttar 134379 content on your web page.

This is a very expensive exchange program if your goal is to build up an online business. The area aboverepparttar 134380 fold, everything that is visible without scrolling, isrepparttar 134381 most effective advertising area onrepparttar 134382 entire site. This isrepparttar 134383 area you should use for your affiliate links, Google Adsense, paid links and expanded site navigation.

Some free web hosting contracts go a step further and ask for your participation in their email marketing campaigns. You will receive emails that require a click through to a merchant site, and/or fill out endless surveys. This can be very time consuming and annoying.

Before you sign any free hosting contract ask to see sample sites. You want to get a feel forrepparttar 134384 types of ads that are being shown on other website. What do you want to look for? 1.Do you see pop-up ads? What about banners? 2.How large arerepparttar 134385 ads? 3.Are they just off topic or are they inappropriate? 4.Where arerepparttar 134386 ads? Are they on every single page or on selected pages?

Even ifrepparttar 134387 ads are not on every page, watch out. It could mean thatrepparttar 134388 hosting service has figured out which pages bring inrepparttar 134389 most revenue and they can afford to ignore everything else. Guess what? If it brings in lots of revenue for them, it could probably bring in lots of revenue for you.

There’s free and then there’s FREE Ifrepparttar 134390 space is free, what aboutrepparttar 134391 domain name? If your new site will look like you’re getting a subdomain for your site. It’s not really your unique domain name. They are simply loaning you a space for your stuff.

This is not a unique domain name that you can use to brand your business. You can’t use it anywhere except with this particular web hosting company. Ditto ifrepparttar 134392 new domain names is

So what if they offer a truly unique domain name? How long will it take before you actually ownrepparttar 134393 domain name? Evenrepparttar 134394 cheap web hosting services will require that you stay withrepparttar 134395 company for thirty to sixty days before you can keep a free domain name.

Network Monitoring for Serious eCommerce

Written by David Leonhardt

Network Monitoring for Serious eCommerce By David Leonhardt

Inrepparttar real world, businesses come in every size, from self-employed entrepreneurs like me to mega malls like Wal-Mart.

Onrepparttar 134372 Internet, companies come in every size, too, from a stand-alone ebook sales page with webmaster and owner all in one, to 300 pound gorilla like Amazon, with over a million pages requiringrepparttar 134373 entire population of a small country to serve as webmaster.

If your site is a single page, it is its own network. But if your site is any bigger, and you have plans to grow, it is a network or is fast becoming one. You need network monitoring.

Most ecommerce webmasters are at least somewhat familiar with website monitoring. Many use a website monitoring service or software to keep track of "uptime" and "downtime".

At your local shopping mall, serious business requires more than just knowing whenrepparttar 134374 front doors are open and when they are closed. Serious ecommerce needs to know more than just whenrepparttar 134375 site is accessible. That is what network monitoring is all about.

Chances are, your e-business owns one ofrepparttar 134376 following, or uses one ofrepparttar 134377 following remotely:

DNS servers: These are used to translate your site name, like, torepparttar 134378 numbers called "IP addresses" that computers understand. If DNS servers are not working properly, end-users will not be able to find your site and will get an error. Usually only an external or remote monitoring service will detect such a problem.

An FTP server: File Transfer Protocol servers are used to help you exchange files with remote users. If you use FTP, a monitoring service can make sure it is always up and running.

POP3 and SMTP servers: These are used for exchanging emails. If you are using email, chances are you are using SMTP and POP3. If your SMTP server is down, everyone who sends you email will receive an error, stating that your mail server is down and cannot accept incoming email. To say thatrepparttar 134379 impression this leaves your customers is bad would be an understatement. If your POP3 server is down, you will be unable to retrieve email from your mailbox. Once again, only external monitoring will prevent such a problem.

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