There's no such thing as job security!

Written by Jer Strausser

Yesterday was a beautiful day here in Pennsylvania, and my fiance' and I decided to take advantage of it. After an hour of drivingrepparttar countryside, we decided to visitrepparttar 117064 cemetary where some of her family members were laid to rest.

Upon arrival, we noticed right away that there were many "new" additions torepparttar 117065 small resting place. Beingrepparttar 117066 entreprenuer I am, I quickly said, "Man, now here's a job that offers job security!" Think about, it'srepparttar 117067 one thing in life that EVERYBODY is going to do!

Quickly changingrepparttar 117068 subject, my fiance' stated that her job offers job security also, because she processes dental claims. "As long as everybody has teeth, I'll have a job", she said, and that was pretty muchrepparttar 117069 end of that....

Until today! As I was sitting at my computer, doing some work, I got to thinking about our little conversation, when it hit me. There is NO such thing as job security!

I know, I know, what about doctors, lawyers, dentists etc, we will always need their services. Well, that's partially true. Although I am not a psychic, I would say that it's pretty safe to assume that we will probably need them also, but let's look atrepparttar 117070 big picture...

Here's a scenario; Jon isrepparttar 117071 local doctor. He is a well respected doctor inrepparttar 117072 area, and seems to have allrepparttar 117073 work he can handle, until one day, he makes an honest mistake, and is sued for malpractice. He loses everything, including his license. Jon is now out of business. This happens more than you might think.

Being Self-Employed Brings You a Whole New Level of Stress Management

Written by Kate Smalley

Being Self-Employed Brings You a Whole New Level of Stress Management

Being self-employed, or freelancing is a truly unique environment in which to work. Basically, you wake up every morning and “reinventrepparttar wheel.” That means that you begin every day knowing that you’ll be required to provide your customers with something they feel that they can’t live without. That’s not an easy thing for your stress level to handle.

Being self-employed is synonymous with long hours, and working through those days that you really should have taken off. It means that your stomach is repeatedly in knots andrepparttar 117063 adrenaline just doesn’t flow anymore.

If this describes you, you’re not alone.

Working for oneself from home, in front ofrepparttar 117064 computer on weekdays and weekends is becoming evermore popular thanks torepparttar 117065 internet andrepparttar 117066 World Wide Web. However, with this ever growing popularity of independence, comesrepparttar 117067 increasing build of stress.

Symptoms of high stress in those who are self-employed include:

* The inability to concentrate * The general feeling of being uptight * Biting everyone’s head off * Aching shoulders and neck * A constant headache * Indecisiveness * Fatigue * Insomnia

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