There's no such thing as job security!

Written by Jer Strausser

Yesterday was a beautiful day here in Pennsylvania, and my fiance' and I decided to take advantage of it. After an hour of drivingrepparttar countryside, we decided to visitrepparttar 109389 cemetary where some of her family members were laid to rest.

Upon arrival, we noticed right away that there were many "new" additions torepparttar 109390 small resting place. Beingrepparttar 109391 entreprenuer I am, I quickly said, "Man, now here's a job that offers job security!" Think about, it'srepparttar 109392 one thing in life that EVERYBODY is going to do!

Quickly changingrepparttar 109393 subject, my fiance' stated that her job offers job security also, because she processes dental claims. "As long as everybody has teeth, I'll have a job", she said, and that was pretty muchrepparttar 109394 end of that....

Until today! As I was sitting at my computer, doing some work, I got to thinking about our little conversation, when it hit me. There is NO such thing as job security!

I know, I know, what about doctors, lawyers, dentists etc, we will always need their services. Well, that's partially true. Although I am not a psychic, I would say that it's pretty safe to assume that we will probably need them also, but let's look atrepparttar 109395 big picture...

Here's a scenario; Jon isrepparttar 109396 local doctor. He is a well respected doctor inrepparttar 109397 area, and seems to have allrepparttar 109398 work he can handle, until one day, he makes an honest mistake, and is sued for malpractice. He loses everything, including his license. Jon is now out of business. This happens more than you might think.

How To Make Self Tuition Successful

Written by A K Whitehead

Is it possible to study successfully on one's own? Certainly. Being taught something by someone else is usuallyrepparttar easiest way of learning but if, for whatever reason, that is not possible or just difficult, self tuition is a means torepparttar 109388 same end that can be made to work for you.

There are four principles which one needs to remember to be successful: STRATEGY, MOTIVATION, APPLICATION and PERSISTENCE. These, in fact, are not too different fromrepparttar 109389 requirements for success in any form of study. But their essentialities are all tightened up in achieving goals in self study.

SRATEGY A carefully devised strategy before considering anything else will pay great dividends later. So undertake it carefully atrepparttar 109390 start.

One needs to be clear aboutrepparttar 109391 ultimate objective. Ask yourself : where I want to finish up? What arerepparttar 109392 essential stages in getting? How do I keep my options open in case I need to make a change of direction or objective later on?

Most strategies in education and training will involve sitting and passing examinations. Make sure atrepparttar 109393 outset whatrepparttar 109394 exact requirements are. Approachrepparttar 109395 organising body and get allrepparttar 109396 information you can. The same advice really applies also to examinations run by any official body which will validate your qualifications.

Setting Your Pace This is whererepparttar 109397 self-tuition student can score an advantage. You are not constrained byrepparttar 109398 set progress of tuition classes. You can go faster or slower according to your own preferences andrepparttar 109399 daterepparttar 109400 examining body sets for its exams. But be honest with yourself in setting these time objectives.

Exam Strategy An examination system sets (usually) rigid frameworks within which you must operate. Try to make them work for you. For example, exams often have elements of predictability. The subject areas are fixed andrepparttar 109401 syllabus is known in advance. The areas for exam questions can often be predicted from a study of past papers. Get hold of as many as you can and spend time studying them - just as important as studying your subject!

Programme Of Study Buy whatever books are recommended for each subject. Don't skimp on this because they takerepparttar 109402 place ofrepparttar 109403 teacher/lecturer and are essential.

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