There’s An Internet Sucker Born Every Minute

Written by Donna Monday

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It’s almost that time of year again when that greatest show online begins. Right afterrepparttar 145349 holidays, people begin giving their lifestylesrepparttar 145350 once over. Many will decide to create a better lifestyle for themselves and their families by working at home.

Dreams of quitting their jobs and making a decent living with only a little effort andrepparttar 145351 right moneymaking opportunities onrepparttar 145352 Internet is all they need to make a fresh start.

While these sincere folks are busy making plans, there’s another gang of people just waiting inrepparttar 145353 shadows forrepparttar 145354 trusting shark bait . . I mean, people, to jump online. Let’s call themrepparttar 145355 Internet sharks. And their mantra is:

“There’s An Internet Sucker Born Every Minute.”

Now I know that most of you looking to make serious money onrepparttar 145356 Internet are not trying to purposely get scammed out of your hard earned dollars, but you’re often blinded - by your enthusiasm for pursuing work at home jobs and opportunities - torepparttar 145357 dangers ofrepparttar 145358 professional con artists.

The sharks are very careful to create a professional look and feel to their work at home scams. Often they will dangle tantalizing ways to make easy money online. They’ll tell you it’s free to make money online. How fast and effortless it all is. In no time you’ll be living in grand style. Yeah, right.

Nothing in this world is free and that includes business opportunities. Someone is going to collect their money from these good folks – even when it’s “free to join.” Watch out for that hand quietly slipping into your back pocket and cleaning out your credit card while you’re being told how much money you’re going to make.

Remember that to do business inrepparttar 145359 offline world it costs start up money. It’s no different online. To build a successful online income, you’ve got to start out with legitimate work at home jobs and opportunities.

Quick! Make Me A Millionaire

Written by Donna Monday

I was visiting a marketing forumrepparttar other day and someone made a comment that struck me as being true: The Internet has become a giant “money grab” for some people. Meaning, there’s a lot of people online focused on only one thing – “how much money can I make?”

There’s nothing wrong with having a goal to make money, butrepparttar 145347 problem is, that single-minded focus isn’t creating a lot of millionaires. Perception speaks volumes, and this person brought to everyone’s attention how people are beginning to think about others who promote products online.

What kind of message are you sending to prospective customers? Do you only care about “makingrepparttar 145348 sale?”

Or, do you genuinely go about forming relationships first, and wait forrepparttar 145349 sales (if any) to come later?

Honestly, I think many of us have been guilty of trying to “takerepparttar 145350 money and run”. This is probably whyrepparttar 145351 majority of us haven’t made any real money online. We need to take a deep breath and stop for a moment.

How sincere are we in wanting to help people?

Give them something of value?

Make their lives better?

Ifrepparttar 145352 sincerity isn’t there, then we’re no better than a guy named Mike who has a web site devoted to one thing: Making him a millionaire. Mike makes no bones aboutrepparttar 145353 fact that he wants perfect strangers to give him money to achieve his dreams of prosperity. What is Mike giving folks in return? Nothing.

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