Their Secret Lives or My Ezine Has a Love Life

Written by June Campbell

I've just discovered something amazing. The Roundup, my bi-weekly ezine, has a love life! As a matter of fact, it appears to be doing much better than I am in that respect. You see, The Roundup regularly receives email messages sent to its subscription address. The last one started, "Hi, It's been awhile since we talked. I'm wondering if you've been thinking about our last conversation…."

Oh, Roundup, you little devil you! Have you been sneaking around behind my back with other ezines?

It's not just The Roundup that I have to worry about. I also have a number of autoresponders that I use. In case anyone doesn't understandrepparttar term "autoresponder," it's an automated email address. When you send a blank email to an autoresponder,repparttar 124402 technology automatically sends you a pre-written message. I use autoresponders on my web site to give visitors samples of my freely distributed articles. Well, danged if my autoresponders aren't carrying on illicit affairs behind my back as well. One of them is apparently involved withrepparttar 124403 same sender whose wanton behavior with The Roundup is causing me so much concern. This autoresponder receivesrepparttar 124404 identical email message about remembering previous conversations. Jeesh, I could have a major war on my hands if this keeps up. All I need is forrepparttar 124405 Roundup to find out aboutrepparttar 124406 autoresponder, and then what?

Oh, wait! A new turn of events! The Roundup just received an email with "Get Your Share of E-Z Money" inrepparttar 124407 subject line. This oughtta give it a competitive edge. As far as I know,repparttar 124408 autoresponder is stone, cold broke. It'll be no match forrepparttar 124409 soon-to-be stinking rich Roundup.

Speaking of autoresponders, another one of mine -- and I am embarrassed about this -- has apparently been inviting communication with Heather, a gorgeous 19 year old who has to take nude pictures of herself to pay her college tuition. Well, Heather, I want you to understand something. My autoresponder does not have its own credit card. 'Nuff said? But you might try The Roundup. It'll soon be making lots of E-Z Money!

10 Magic Ways To Boost Your E-zine Subscribers!

Written by Larry Dotson

1. Show your potential subscribers a sample issue of your e-zine. Black out some ofrepparttar important info; this will make them more curious & subscribe.

2. Give away a free follow-up autoresponder course. Publish your e-zine ad in each lesson. The more people see it,repparttar 124401 higherrepparttar 124402 chance they'll subscribe.

3. Offer your potential customers a discount on a particular product you sell if they subscribe to your free e-zine.

4. Give other businesses permission to give a free subscription to your e-zine as a bonus for a product they sell.

5. Ask your potential subscribers questions that'll persuade them to subscribe like: "Would you like to be able to retire before you're 40?"

6. Write your e-zine's ad to sound like it is common sense to subscribe. For example: "Everyone knows you have to..."

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