The wrong kind of waiting: what the film Clockwatchers can teach us

Written by Cathy Goodwin, MBA, PhD

Clockwatchers is about living your life on someone else's time. Four temporary office workers meet in a featureless building. We meetrepparttar heroine, Iris, as she spends much of her first day sitting in a chair where she was told to "wait till someone comes for you." The building, with its square corners and cubicles, becomes a metaphor forrepparttar 131125 box that contains everyone's dreams. The temps feel ghettoized and eventually are physically segregated into a separate office. Their isolation is real: temps rarely crossrepparttar 131126 border to permanent jobs inrepparttar 131127 company. To escape they will have to think outsiderepparttar 131128 box,, yet asrepparttar 131129 film begins, each temp focuses on her immediate four walls. Iris seems overqualified yet she lacks confidence. She tells her father she feels comfortable and accepted in this job and doesn't want to move on. Margaret deals with frustration by rebelling and acting out. She steals time fromrepparttar 131130 company and cosmetics fromrepparttar 131131 stores. Jane is engaged to a man who, we are led to believe, will offer her money and security but not love. Paula jamsrepparttar 131132 copy machine so she can flirt withrepparttar 131133 repairman; she waits for a man to deliver her dreams in his toolbox. Everybody's waiting, like a hot summer day before a storm. The temps try to look busy and amuse themselves till they can begin at nine; atrepparttar 131134 end ofrepparttar 131135 day, they crouch in their chairs, waiting to leave precisely at five.

Ten Ways To Get A Life You Can Live With

Written by Suzann Foerster

When isrepparttar last time you stopped and asked yourself if you're really livingrepparttar 131122 life you want? We live in busy times. Overwhelm and exhaustion is becomingrepparttar 131123 norm. Why? Because we spend our time accomplishingrepparttar 131124 tasks ofrepparttar 131125 day,not mindful ofrepparttar 131126 life we are building.

So what can you do? Take action! These ten steps will put you onrepparttar 131127 path to taking control of and buildingrepparttar 131128 life you desire.

Top Ten Ways to Get a Life You Can Live With

1. Say NO!

Donít let 'YES' come flying out of your mouth atrepparttar 131129 first sign of a request. Notice how often you do things youíd rather not, and start making decisions based on what you want to do. Remember that you always have a choice.

2. Eliminate The 'Energy Drainers' From Your Life

Make a list of allrepparttar 131130 things you put up with about situations, other people or yourself. Ask yourself what purpose does this energy drainer serve in my life and what arerepparttar 131131 benefits of eliminating it? Commit to takerepparttar 131132 action necessary to eliminaterepparttar 131133 drainers.

3. Set Priorities That Reflect Your True Values

Does what you value match how you allocate your time? There is more to do inrepparttar 131134 day then time to do it- decide whatís most important, focus on what you value, and say no to everything else.

4. Put Yourself First

Putting your self first is not selfish; itís actuallyrepparttar 131135 best thing you can do forrepparttar 131136 people around you. Once your needs are met and you are healthy and well taken care of, you will have more to offer everyone else.

5. Establish Boundaries and Set High Standards

Boundaries protect your time, space and energy and arerepparttar 131137 guidelines to how others may treat you. Standards arerepparttar 131138 principles by which you choose to live your life and clear, high standards allow you to easily make decisions that align with your values.

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