The when, how and why of using transparent gif graphics to cross link pages

Written by Michael Campbell

Recently I wrote an article on how your web site can generate over 25 times more buying customers in less than a year. There seemed to be some confusion on how a transparent gif graphic could be used to cross link pages. Many of you asked for samples or downloads to look at. Plus how bigrepparttar gif should be and how many of them should be used, so I'll try to explain it in detail here.

Why Cross Linking Is Important

What is on your web site is only part ofrepparttar 132019 puzzle when it comes to good search engine positioning. Search engines are now employing various "off page" criteria. You've probably heard terms like "link popularity, link density, link relevancy". They all have slightly different meanings and but what it boils down to is thatrepparttar 132020 links leading to and from your web site, are being analyzed, assessed, evaluated and then ranked, to determine where your site should come up in search results.

There is also one major search engine company - that also owns two other large engines - that has a real nasty habit of binging and purging out pages. One month you'll have 100 pages inrepparttar 132021 indexes, andrepparttar 132022 next month it purges all but three or four of your web pages. Now you either have to scramble and resubmitrepparttar 132023 indexed pages with links to all your other pages.

Or if you usedrepparttar 132024 cross linking technique, every single page has links to all you other pages. So even if only one page remains inrepparttar 132025 index, whenrepparttar 132026 spider comes crawling to update, all your other pages will be found again, automatically.

If you want to beatrepparttar 132027 linking criteria of manyrepparttar 132028 search engines and stoprepparttar 132029 binging and purging of your pages, then it's more important than ever, to get your web sites cross linked together. Simply put, cross linking means to link all your sites and pages together using visible text links or invisible pixel links.

Why Use Invisible Pixels

A regular web site might have 10 links to 10 internal pages and a "links" page that leads to some other sites. But what if, you've got say, 10 other web sites and want to link to them all. Plus you have over 100 doorway or hook pages, and you want to link to all of them too. Well, that would create a big mess of visible links, hundreds of links that would do nothing but confuse your visitors.... enterrepparttar 132030 invisible pixel technique.

How Big Is A Pixel

An invisible pixel is a transparent gif graphic, one square pixel in size. Depending onrepparttar 132031 dots per inch or dpi of your monitor, that may be 1/72 or 1/80 or even 1/96 of an inch. So you could have links to 70 pages and it would occupy an area on your monitor screen less than 1 inch wide by 1/72 of an inch high. If you put this string of pixels atrepparttar 132032 bottom of your web page, after a couple of carriage returns,repparttar 132033 likelihood of it being discovered or clicked on by anyone is minimal. The search engines will find it though, and many of them have spiders or crawlers that will followrepparttar 132034 links.

How Many Do You Need

Place as many gifs on your pages as you require. I have provided a sample invisible pixel for your own use, you can find it here....

I putrepparttar 132035 graphic (called follow.gif) in a directory, so you can saverepparttar 132036 image to your hard drive. Note that if you click on it, your browser will display nothing.... because it's invisible. I also made this sample 10 pixels wide so it's a little easier to grab and work with. You may want to reduce its width, once you paste it into your html page.

The Internet is Not Everything to Everyone

Written by Todd Rockwell

Whenrepparttar webmaster's full-time attention is on publications onrepparttar 132018 Internet, and all full-time efforts are to increase public distribution of data posted in these publications, it is difficult not to over-concentrate. I believe most webmasters are aware ofrepparttar 132019 existence of obsolescent post office mail advertising, or snail mail, but I do not believe much advertising effort is currently being channeled into anything except Internet related sources. Even magazines are now ezines and "personal contact" means e-mail. We still see individuals, sometimes dressed in weird costumes, standing alongsiderepparttar 132020 road in a downtown area, waving a sign about a grand opening, or grand closing, or special car wash, or some such. But I have never seen anyone standing alongsiderepparttar 132021 road waving a sign advertising a new website. "That isn'trepparttar 132022 way Internet sites are promoted". But why not? There is no law stating physical business sites must be promoted physically, and cyberspace sites promoted only in cyberspace.

Many, many people now have an electronic door that can be knocked on via email or notices in search engines or bannered in popular programs or on popular sites. But those same people still have a physical presence that can be reached. The excitement of allrepparttar 132023 new "dot.coms" is subsiding, but not necessarilyrepparttar 132024 products they presented to an eager public. While many ofrepparttar 132025 flood of e-businesses were little more than electronic pyramid letters,repparttar 132026 online sales of durable goods has not decreased substantially withrepparttar 132027 expiration ofrepparttar 132028 many get-rich-quick schemes. Likerepparttar 132029 days ofrepparttar 132030 California Gold Rush many dot.coms did not pan out - but many e-businesses became online catalogs of what people had formerly driven their cars to a store to view, and satisfied customers of such catalogs are not going to readily relinquishrepparttar 132031 convenience of online shopping. However, non-satisfied customers of online shopping, and those yet to testrepparttar 132032 World of Internet shopping, are not likely to learn about it fromrepparttar 132033 Internet. Literally millions of people have been hearing aboutrepparttar 132034 wonders and convenience ofrepparttar 132035 Internet - butrepparttar 132036 only place they can find out aboutrepparttar 132037 Internet is fromrepparttar 132038 Internet. And there is a lot of garbage on that Internet, as well as useful websites. The Internet is not really a very good atmosphere for presenting legitimate offers and products of value - unlessrepparttar 132039 customer already knows their value and knowsrepparttar 132040 location where they can be found. Separatingrepparttar 132041 wheat fromrepparttar 132042 chaff onrepparttar 132043 Internet requires someone well versed in Internet procedure. It is truly a "boot-strap" operation for someone to learn anything very useful fromrepparttar 132044 Internet until they have already learned quite a bit from that Internet. Everywhererepparttar 132045 uninitiated turn in cyberspace they encounter more confusion and deception.

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