The very real "great satan"---

Written by James Sorrell

For years ignorance & emotion has cloudedrepparttar issue when Arabs, or anyone else, point to some country or people and call them "the great satan"! (As Iraq cleric al-Sadr has done.) When will people learn that Satan, himself, ISrepparttar 132379 'great satan'? [The very real, as REAL as YOU are, fallen angel Lucifer, who incites and murdersrepparttar 132380 human race daily.] Withrepparttar 132381 fallen angel's deceptive, negative, manipulative influence gone, a lot ofrepparttar 132382 human race's problems would vanish overnight! We only need to learn how they function (tampering with our thoughts, feelings & emotions, and then inciting us against

Gay Episcopalians

Written by Ed Howes

Be of good cheer, Episcopalians. Ideological splits in churches are not and never have beenrepparttar end ofrepparttar 132376 world, as close as this one is torepparttar 132377 end. Splits are proof of growth. Traditional Episcopalians still have a home. The new gay branch will rapidly expand by a near monopoly on performing gay weddings, beginning with their bishop and his mate. With growth comesrepparttar 132378 political power to force civil recognition of gay marriage. Life is good. Everybody wins.

American life has become a carnival in which we either watch or perform. We seldom do both at once - The Carnival of Lost and Found. The found seekrepparttar 132379 lost. The lost seek each other. All entertain andrepparttar 132380 owner sellsrepparttar 132381 tickets. It's hard to lose money with good entertainment - money and entertainment. That'srepparttar 132382 best marriage of all. Radio, print, television, video, computers, politics and religion; surelyrepparttar 132383 difference is inrepparttar 132384 profits.

Have you heard about Ad Busters? They are making thirty second TV un-commercials. The message tellsrepparttar 132385 viewer he or she is being controlled and manipulated by allrepparttar 132386 other messages onrepparttar 132387 screen. TV stations and networks refuse to airrepparttar 132388 ads. They don't want to risk offendingrepparttar 132389 people who pay to control and manipulate us. Ad Busters' strategy is to pass legislation that forcesrepparttar 132390 TV guardians to sell two minutes of each hour of programming for consumer de programming or what we might call public service announcements. I think there is a good chance they will obtain this legislation.

I thinkrepparttar 132391 ads might backfire. I don't watch much TV, but I think I'd like to see these ads. It would probably be unrealistic to expect them to have any more effect thanrepparttar 132392 Surgeon General warnings on cigarette packs. Ad Busters spokesman saidrepparttar 132393 idea is to shake people out of their apathy. An admirable goal to be sure, it may be like getting a sleeping man out of bed. You can get him out, but you can't keep him out.

Apathy itself is an interesting thing. How is it created? How is it overcome? Surely apathy is created by a perception or a point of view. Perhaps it comes from wanting and infrequently obtaining what is wanted. We develop a sense that our efforts achieve little positive result and we are mocked. Make no effort, get no result and there is no mockery.

Sometimesrepparttar 132394 mockery comes first. Someone tells us we must do this. This can make allrepparttar 132395 difference. We go along with them. We do what they wanted us to do. It made absolutely no difference andrepparttar 132396 truth was too obvious to deny. We've been had. Someone is having a good laugh atrepparttar 132397 joke. We've been manipulated for some stranger's unknown benefit. After a few such experiences, we don't believe those who say we can make a difference we might want to make, and we do not care if we could. Not caring not only shields us from mockery, it frees up time for activities of our choosing. My personal experience taught me that apathy might just be a predictable response to over stimulation. I'm tired of allrepparttar 132398 hype and I'm going to learn to ignore it. Apathy is just time out from The Carnival of Lost and Found.

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