The versatile reciprocating saw. The power tool of your dreams.

Written by Jason Miller

A reciprocation saw is simply one ofrepparttar handiest tools you can own. These tools are great for applications inrepparttar 148784 home orrepparttar 148785 jobsite. Milwaukee actually inventedrepparttar 148786 first reciprocating saw and is still considered one ofrepparttar 148787 best saws onrepparttar 148788 market. The Milwaukee Sawzall isrepparttar 148789 “Zerox” of reciprocating saws. Just go to your local hardware store and ask for a Sawzall,repparttar 148790 salesman will know exactly what you need. These versatile tools are fabulous for cutting holes in drywall, plaster, metal pipes and through nails. However, they are not a precision cutting instrument. If you need to cut a piece of molding to fit into a weird place, a jig saw will be better. A great application is demolition for home remodeling. One project

Front Load Washers – some facts before purchase Part 1

Written by Donald Grummett

Consumers in North America have finally discoveredrepparttar front load washing machine. Although new to North America they arerepparttar 148275 standard in Europe, accounting for 90% ofrepparttar 148276 market.

The front load (or horizontal axis) washing machine was produced in response to concerns aboutrepparttar 148277 increasing costs to operate laundry equipment. Efficiency, electrical consumption, and environmental impact were all factors that influenced its development.

With this systemrepparttar 148278 clothes do not sit in a tub of water. Rather they tumble through a layer of water asrepparttar 148279 drum rotates. This allows for a tremendous reduction (60% less) ofrepparttar 148280 water required. In areas where water is at a premium lower water consumption may be a significant factor for a potential purchaser.

For anyone on a septic system lower water and detergent usage can be an important advantage. Sincerepparttar 148281 amount of water being used is so smallrepparttar 148282 detergent required is about 25% of a top loader. The fabric softener required is so little that it should be diluted 5 to 1 rather than added full strength.

Another advantage to a front loader is that it can spin very fast. While a top loader only spins at about 600 RPM,repparttar 148283 horizontal axis washers can spin at up to 1200 RPM.

Increased spin speeds means more water removed fromrepparttar 148284 clothing prior to them going intorepparttar 148285 dryer. This means less time inrepparttar 148286 dryer, and a subsequent saving in electrical consumption.

A front loader will also do a substantially larger load. They easily handle loads 50% larger. So washing items like comforters is now possible. Or asking a front loader to wash five or six pairs of jeans at one time is common practice. With these increased load sizes comes additional savings of time since it will lowerrepparttar 148287 total number of loads required.

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