The use of candles can assist us in leading healthier lives.

Written by Universal Psychic Guild

Magic appears to remain a mystery and continues to receive a negative response from many people due torepparttar many years of misunderstanding ofrepparttar 122274 term.

In fact magic is simply an art which can be used to influence events.

Unfortunately it has been used in many negative ways and as a result people have related it to being solely used for Black Witchcraft and Devil Worshiping.

Candle Magic is a simple means of magic art and it can produce results withoutrepparttar 122275 use of complex and sophisticated language or equipment.

We have been using candle magic unknowingly for many years. People use it during dinners, in church and of course we can all remember only too well blowing outrepparttar 122276 candles on our ninth birthday. This demonstrates to us how you can use candle magic by applying some very simple rules.

Firstlyrepparttar 122277 need to concentrate on what you desire to happen and secondly focussing your thoughts on a symbol which will createrepparttar 122278 wish.

Remember: Thoughts will produce action.

Anyone can use candle magic and you do not have to hold any particular beliefs to practice this ancient art. In candle magic you use your will power andrepparttar 122279 power of your mind to create that all you desire.

Withrepparttar 122280 pressures and stresses of modern society, we are increasingly find it more difficult to slow downrepparttar 122281 mental activity of our conscious mind. It is throughrepparttar 122282 practice of Candle Magic which can assist us to divert our conscious mind and begin to focus onrepparttar 122283 sub conscious. Our conscious mind often holds on to range of preconceived ideas and conditioning we have received throughout our lives and this can prove to be limiting. With allrepparttar 122284 pressures of day to day life we find it difficult to focus on anything else but out immediate problems and needs.

Nourishing the seeds of sucess

Written by Janet K. Ilacqua

Four laws of Planting Seeds (Enlightened Business Institute) Positive seeds cause pleasure; Negative seeds cause pain Seeds expand and grow EXPOTENTIALLY Seeds not planted cannot bring a result Seeds planted must bring a result

Nurturingrepparttar seeds of success The key ingredient to nuturingrepparttar 122273 seeds of prosperity is paying attention torepparttar 122274 environment in which you conduct your business,repparttar 122275 people you associate with, and your conduct, both in your business and personal life . The law of Karma will always bring it back to you in a worse manner. In some lines of Buddhism it is believed that every time you lie many of your brain cells die, as they are made to think and believe something that’s is not true. In turn whenrepparttar 122276 brain thinks in reverse there could be a negative effect onrepparttar 122277 brain. We have not yet found any scientific research on this, but it is worth pointing out as a point of reference. “Never Lie. Never tell one lie. If you tell one lie, you will have to eventually tell fifteen more to cover uprepparttar 122278 first lie”; ….According to Jon Barry, a successful real estate management firm and a man of great integrity….one requires a cover of 15 more. In turn, each of these 15 requires 15 more, or 225 lies. Furthermore, each ofrepparttar 122279 225 lies next requires fifteen more. Now we are at 225 times 15, or 3.375 lies. Again 3,375 lie times 15 equals 50,625. And so on. It is a much more productive use of one’s time, energy, and intelligence to always tellrepparttar 122280 truth, to e honest with all people” (Thomas J. Stanley, PhD, ‘The Millionaire mind’ Bantam Books London, 2001, pg. 67)

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