The unknown masters of art

Written by Florie Lyn Masarate

Paintings ofrepparttar great masters can usually be seen on canvases hanging onrepparttar 147364 walls of great museums. These pieces of art are considered priceless paintings, that precautions are taken seriously in order to avoid them falling intorepparttar 147365 wrong hands. These arerepparttar 147366 paintings andrepparttar 147367 artists that have been given due recognition for their craft. Who are these unknown artists?

The “big-time” artists. They do not just settle forrepparttar 147368 conventional canvas that most artist use. They make their own canvases. These arerepparttar 147369 large scale artists. And their canvas:repparttar 147370 street. The street as a medium for art work is as unique as it is extraordinary. The artist uses his own style in drawing pictures and using special techniques to put color into them. Some devices their own chalks and color apparels to be able to make beautiful creations on streets. As more people began to appreciaterepparttar 147371 street paintings, more and more artists were got intorepparttar 147372 habit. In some parts ofrepparttar 147373 world, street painting festivals are held. Showcasing paintings that are feasts torepparttar 147374 eyes, they border from simple drawings to life-like paintings even 3-D pictures. Each painting depicts different personalities and styles thatrepparttar 147375 artist is known for. These arerepparttar 147376 artists ofrepparttar 147377 streets, street artists.

The “hidden” artists. They make quality pictures and have their works displayed worldwide. Their works arerepparttar 147378 ones seen by people as they search, open or simply browse through information. Everyone with this high-tech gadget calledrepparttar 147379 computer can access these works of art. And companies, businesses and individuals that needed their services arerepparttar 147380 lucky recipients of these artists’ works.

Facts about the unlogos

Written by Florie Lyn Masarate

Logos arerepparttar first impression a customer gets about a company. The logo isrepparttar 147363 business itself. No matter how simple or how beautiful your logo is,repparttar 147364 effect it has on people will determine how effective your logo it. It is one way of having credibility. Most often than not, logos make or makerepparttar 147365 company. Making use ofrepparttar 147366 best quality and competitive printing company to design your logo is a must. Several factors are needed to be kept in mind in logo making. There are also things to avoid in making this. Here are some of those: Clipart in a logo. This is not a good way of promoting your logo since clip arts are common in most ofrepparttar 147367 software. If you have seen it, then other people should have seen it too. Special effects. Using effects to enhance you logo may result in undistinguishable concept that is more likely to confuse those who will see it. They an also divertrepparttar 147368 attention from what you are trying to implement. Put in mind that a good logo can stand on its own even without these effects. Banner logos. Logos that are designed to resemble a banner makes it harder for readers to readrepparttar 147369 contents. People are afterrepparttar 147370 contents and having it inside a banner would be somewhat distracting. Graphic elements into logos. Associating graphic elements into texts inrepparttar 147371 logos to make them as one is not advisable because it because it is difficult to do. Not only that if not done properly, it would end up a disaster.

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