The truth about 1-900 numbers

Written by David Bell

900 numbers have been heavily advertised overrepparttar last few years as a great way to make money. Everybody from Dionne Warwick to Don Lapre are getting in onrepparttar 127553 pay per call action In theory (theory mind you) they are a great way for people to make money. You start up a simple phone line and people start calling byrepparttar 127554 thousands (I sound like someone I know on TV). Whenrepparttar 127555 numbers became popular a few years ago, sex and adult lines were a large part ofrepparttar 127556 business. Psychic lines are nowrepparttar 127557 rage. There are some psychic lines that are generating millions of dollars in calls per month (Although Dionne's did go bankrupt, didn'trepparttar 127558 psychics warn her?) but every single one of these lines has huge advertising budgets andrepparttar 127559 people renting out lines are not going to advertise a thing, only rent yourepparttar 127560 lines. There are many company's that rent 900 numbers if you would like to get one. When company's first started renting lines 10 years ago,repparttar 127561 person renting would only get a small percentage of each call, maybe 10% to 20%. But now that so many company's are renting lines (increased competition),repparttar 127562 call per-minute amount you get is much more. You can literally find hundreds of different company's inrepparttar 127563 back of business magazines that will sell you consulting and 900 lines. 976 numbers wererepparttar 127564 first toll lines that came out. The problem was that they were local only and didn't have that many features. Large advertisers wanted one number they could advertise all overrepparttar 127565 US and get calls for, not just one small local area. 900 number's solved that problem.

Got Ripped Off on the Web? Fight Back!

Written by Stephen Bucaro

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Got Ripped Off onrepparttar 127554 Web? Fight Back!

By Stephen Bucaro

I find that most people and businesses onrepparttar 127555 web are friendly and honest. Unfortunately, a few decide to takerepparttar 127556 dishonest route. Did you pay for a product or service and didn't receive it, or it didn't turn out to be what you expected? Did you provide a product or service and didn't get paid?

In this article, I'm going to provide you a step-by-step method to force dishonest individuals or businesses onrepparttar 127557 Web to deal with you fairly, or at least how to cause them so much pain that they wish they had. How many of these steps you actually take depends upon how mad you are and how much time you want to dedicate to extracting revenge.

Step 1. Gather as much information aboutrepparttar 127558 dishonest party as you can. Get names, addresses and phone numbers. Dishonest parties like to make themselves scarce.

Step 2. Put your complaint in writing. Be accurate and honest. Don't exaggerate or make false accusations. Also, think of any possible excusesrepparttar 127559 dishonest party might use, and prepare counter arguments.

Step 3. Informrepparttar 127560 dishonest party that you intend to take action against them if they do not solverepparttar 127561 problem equitably and honestly, and that that action will include charges of criminal fraud. Give them a chance to figure out that it would be much easier for them to just be honest. Contact them several times and give them ample time to resolverepparttar 127562 problem, because after this things really get nasty.

Step 4. Go torepparttar 127563 Internet Fraud Complaint Center (IFCC) website ( and click onrepparttar 127564 "File a Complaint" link to fill out an online form. The Internet Fraud Complaint Center (IFCC) is a partnership betweenrepparttar 127565 Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) andrepparttar 127566 National White Collar Crime Center (NW3C). IFCC provides a convenient and easy-to-use reporting mechanism that alerts authorities of a suspected criminal or civil violation.

Step 5. Go torepparttar 127567 Internet Fraud Watch website ( and click onrepparttar 127568 "Online complaint form" link. The Internet Fraud Watch was created byrepparttar 127569 National Consumers League,repparttar 127570 oldest nonprofit consumer organization inrepparttar 127571 United States.

Step 6. Go torepparttar 127572 Better Business Bureau OnLine website. ( BBBOnLine isrepparttar 127573 arm ofrepparttar 127574 Better Business Bureau that specifically deals with web sites. The BBB contactsrepparttar 127575 business involved inrepparttar 127576 dispute to see if they want to work it out amicably. When a company has a large file of complaints atrepparttar 127577 BBB, it definitely cuts into their business.

Step 7. Use a search engine to find out how to contactrepparttar 127578 Attorney General's Office ofrepparttar 127579 state in whichrepparttar 127580 dishonest party operates. Then file a complaint. If your complaint involves fraud, this could result in criminal charges against them.

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