The thing with quality time

Written by Marsha Maung

Itís funny how people seem to think that they have spent quality time with their kids after work by bringing them out torepparttar mall for a lifeless and meaningless stroll only to come home with nothing more than a whole bunch of stuff that they (orrepparttar 147395 kids) donít need. In fact, time has been wasted because kids donít NEED you to bring them out torepparttar 147396 shopping mall to waste time. They want and NEED to be with you.

Itís really funny because I used to think taking my kids out for a very casual window-shopping trip was meaningful too until someone pointed out to me that my kids were STILL closer to someone else (their daycaregiver) when compared to me. I mean, what is it with kids, anyway? I take them out, donít I? I try my best to give them whatever they want. I buy them presents, donít I? They have more clothes than me, donít they?

But hereísrepparttar 147397 sad partÖ.thatís not quality time.

Quality time with your kids is just staying home with absolutely nothing to do, just lolling around onrepparttar 147398 carpet watching ĎBlueís Cluesí or ĎSesame Streetí together giving each other nonchalant kisses and exchanging hugs (and repeated reviews aboutrepparttar 147399 show). Spending quality time withrepparttar 147400 kids involve nothing more than just CONNECTING withrepparttar 147401 kids, not spending detached moments of dis-connectivity loitering through unfamiliar places. Itís about spending time connecting withrepparttar 147402 kids when you KNOW youíve GOT SOMETHING ELSE BETTER TO DO.

The Making of a Mini-Model

Written by Anita Chaperon

Baby modeling isn't an exclusive art - nor is it as potentially fraught with danger as modeling opportunities for older children or adults.

Unlike modeling aspirations of someone older - a teenager or an adult - a baby-modeling career doesn't demand thatrepparttar tiny one stand out amongrepparttar 147218 crowd. She or he doesn't have to haverepparttar 147219 pearliest smile,repparttar 147220 greatest physique,repparttar 147221 wiggliest walk or any of those accoutrements that older model wanna-be's must have to be chosen fromrepparttar 147222 ranks ofrepparttar 147223 competitive hordes.

After all, how many babies do you see that aren't just down right adorable? Yours certainly, isn't that right?

As for danger, you're right there with your little tyke as she or he goes throughrepparttar 147224 motions, or words, or as she or another holds him. Your infant or toddler is protected by those who haverepparttar 147225 most vested interests in his or her protection - mom and dad.

So how do you get your baby started in a modeling career? Or at least a few modeling gigs?

First, your baby must get noticed. You can help with that by entering your wee one in as many baby photo or modeling contests as you can find. Nor do you need to commit a ton of time and travel. Many Web sites, such as Baby Zone, host contests.

Baby Zone gives away hundreds forrepparttar 147226 infant or toddler winner of each month's themed photograph contest. The money is notrepparttar 147227 best part of winning, however. The sponsors -repparttar 147228 folks who cough uprepparttar 147229 winner's dough - arerepparttar 147230 very people that you want noticing your child. These sites, vendors and publications - Breyla, Baby Slumber, Babies 'R' Us, for example - are always onrepparttar 147231 lookout for a new diaper-laden diva to tout their wares.

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