The secret of picking the right domain name

Written by Peter Doomen

Not that long ago, you could run an internet business without domain name. Not anymore. is a guarantee to fail.

This little article tells you how to pickrepparttar traffic generating domain name for your business. I assume you already knowrepparttar 108332 advantages of having a domain name: professionalism, traffic trough search engines and directories, added value and so on. Every domain registrar will tell you why you need a domain name. But no one tells you exactly how to find it. Read on to find out.

Basically, there are three types of domain names:

1) Domain name is equal to your company name, like or Pretty good choices if you either have a well-known company either haverepparttar 108333 marketing budget to make it well-known.

2) Domain name consists of popular keywords relevant to your business such as These can drive traffic to your site because of two reasons: search engines attach some weight torepparttar 108334 domain name, and surfers will rememberrepparttar 108335 name because ofrepparttar 108336 connection betweenrepparttar 108337 name andrepparttar 108338 business it stands for.

3) Bad domain names: all others. Why on earth would you choose a name that nobody knows, nobody remembers and does not drive traffic to your site?

Forrepparttar 108339 rest ofrepparttar 108340 article, I assume you don't have a well-known company or a big budget, but you still want a good domain name. The logical choice would be to choose a keyword-laden name.

I hear you yelling: "Okay, okay, I want a name. But keep it short". So I'll offer you a seven-step plan. Here it is: 1) Perform a keyword analysis. First list all words that are relevant to your business. Now pick all those words that you think people use to find you in a search engine. Rank these keywords in order of popularity. You can userepparttar 108341 keyword research tool at to estimate popularity.

Your Domain Rights Are Being Ripped Off!

Written by Dr. Tag Powell

WARNING... This information affects your future onrepparttar Internet.

There is a secret war going on overrepparttar 108331 rights to your Domain Name. Your Domain Name rights are currently being ripped off byrepparttar 108332 major Domain Name registration giants. This rip-off is affecting your Domain rights NOW!

Your Domain Name can become a casualty ofrepparttar 108333 Domain Name Registrar's Renewal War. Reading this article and understanding your Domain Name rights can prevent you from losing your Domain Name altogether, and can at least save you about 50% on your Domain Name renewal.

This is real and it is scary. As to not mislead you, I am Tag Powell, CEO of, and I have been drafted into this battle against my will. and our service is on one side of this war. We do have a vested interest in this battle's outcome.

First, let me give yourepparttar 108334 short background story to get you up to speed.

Until a couple of years ago ALL Domain Names had been registered and managed by one company, Network Solutions. Network Solutions made billions of dollars on this market for years. All .COM, .ORG, .NET Domains were held in one master database exclusively under their control. They, as a monopoly, could charge anything they desired. Originally they charged $50.00 per year (two year minimum). Then after registering millions of Domains and fielding massive complaints of over-charging, they graciously reducedrepparttar 108335 fee to $35.00 per year (two year minimum).

Forrepparttar 108336 first few years, Network Solutions did a good job, but asrepparttar 108337 Internet mushroomedrepparttar 108338 database problems grew. Hackers enteredrepparttar 108339 database and caused problems. Domain ownership's were illegally changed. Other Domain Names were rerouted to open to other companies. Domain Name security became a joke. Trying to get through to Network Solutions was a nightmare, getting email answered took weeks and they were often ignored completely, and getting through by phone took days. We speak from experience as we have been assisting Domain registrations since 1995. We helped Network Solutions register many hundreds of thousands Domain Names.

Byrepparttar 108340 way, it still could take hours today to get a phone answer from Network Solutions.

A couple of years agorepparttar 108341 government, after many public complaints, broke uprepparttar 108342 monopoly to exclusively register and renew Domain Names in torepparttar 108343 master database. This gaverepparttar 108344 public, forrepparttar 108345 first time,repparttar 108346 right to chose who would manage their Domain Name.

New rules allowed applications from other companies to manage new Domain Name registration and renewals intorepparttar 108347 master database. After a serious background check and a lot of money some of these companies (over a hundred to date) are allowed to become registrars, and are able to add and subtract Domain information torepparttar 108348 master database.

This new ruling allowed our company to put Domain info in and take information out of that master database for our clients, and we are also allowed to set our own prices for this service.

(Instead ofrepparttar 108349 Network Solutions' charge of $35.00 (per year) for .COM, .ORG, .NET Domains and $55.00 for .BIZ and .INFO Domains, our fee is only $19.95 per year for all extensions.)

Shortly afterrepparttar 108350 breakup Network Solutions was sold to VeriSign Corp., a giant multi-conglomerate. At this point their policies seem to have degraded to several quasi legal processes. I can only suppose that suddenly VeriSign must have become aware that millions of their clients (the same clients they had paid big bucks to collectrepparttar 108351 yearly fees from) were transferring (renewing) through other registrars. This will cost them millions.

VeriSign filed a complaint with ICANN,repparttar 108352 official ruling body over Domain Names, thatrepparttar 108353 competition (they named and our partner Tucows) was "slamming" and stealing Domain Name management againstrepparttar 108354 will ofrepparttar 108355 public. "Slamming" as you may know is an expression ofrepparttar 108356 illegal process of switching telephone companies withoutrepparttar 108357 permission ofrepparttar 108358 customer.

Please note, although I am sure that "slamming" is probably taking place in this industry, I know of NO case where this is true. Certainly "slamming" is NOT being done by our partner Tucows and probably not by Network Solutions' case (complaint) was based on a survey they did of clients requesting Domain Name transfers for renewal.

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