The secret of Napoleon Hill, P.T. Barnum, and Me

Written by Joe Vitale

I'm riveted byrepparttar biography of Napoleon Hill,repparttar 147290 author ofrepparttar 147291 classic book "Think and Grow Rich."

Not only did this man struggle for 20 years to writerepparttar 147292 definitive guide to success, but he experienced poverty, his life was threatened, his backers were murdered, he suffered from bouts of hopelessness, and his family suffered beyond all understanding.

His was not an overnight success.

One thing that stood out in Hill's life story was his ability to turnrepparttar 147293 negative intorepparttar 147294 positive. He always looked for what some people call that silver lining inrepparttar 147295 dark cloud. As I thought about Hill's life, I realized I've been noticing this ability to seerepparttar 147296 good inrepparttar 147297 bad practiced by others, too.

I was at a meeting with my friend Mark Joyner, Internet pioneer and bestselling author. I overheard Mark talking to a man who had just gone through hell due torepparttar 147298 FTC. Mark listened torepparttar 147299 man's sad story and then said, "Turn it into something good."

This was remarkable advice. It'srepparttar 147300 kind of thing Napoleon Hill would have said. It goes against what most people ever even attempt to try. The whole idea of taking whatever happens to you and turning it into something good seems, at first glance, preposterous.

But this also seems to be a key to success. I remember P.T. Barnum offering a to buy a rival's elephant. He sent a telegram stating his offer. His competitors took Barnum's telegram and ran it as an ad, saying, "Here's what Barnum thinks of our elephant."

Instead of being upset, Barnum decided to join with those competitors. That gave birth torepparttar 147301 famous Barnum & Bailey Circus. Barnum tookrepparttar 147302 experience and turned it into something good.

The other day Nerissa, my love, released her first e-book at She had a small mistake on her site. When I went to promote her site, I usedrepparttar 147303 mistake as a way to get attention for her e-book. I could have said, "Correct your site."

First Step to Success, eliminate your inner obstacles

Written by Olakunbi Korostensky

Copyright 2005 Flaming Life Coaching INC.

Think back to a time in your life when you felt inspired and excited to make a significant change. Did you go for it or did your inner obstacles get inrepparttar way?

Your thoughts and beliefs arerepparttar 147245 foundation on which you build your success. You can't build a solid house on a foundation of clay and debris andrepparttar 147246 same truth holds for your success.

If your thoughts and beliefs are shaky, these obstacles will hold you back unless you eliminate them.

Sometimes it is our friends, colleagues and family members who sowrepparttar 147247 seed of doubts by trying to talk you out of changing your path. It is when you decide to make a better life for yourself that your decision will be met by all kinds of cautious warnings. All unsolicited underrepparttar 147248 guise of serious concern and well meaning.

People will say such things as "that sounds great, "but do you have any idea how much that will cost you or how long it'll take to getrepparttar 147249 kind of result you want?" Or, "And what will you do if it doesn't work out?" Or, "what will happen if . . .?" Downright to "you'd better stick to what you have now, at least you know what you've got".

Regardlessrepparttar 147250 origin of these warnings, they only serve to increase your level of anxiety and self doubts. The best way to handle such opinions is to thank your friends for their concern. Turn deaf ears to their platitudes and decide to watch out for whom you share your ideas with inrepparttar 147251 near future.

Learning to handle obstacles isrepparttar 147252 best way to stand your ground and succeed. While running away only undermines your self esteem.

Nature presents you with these challenges in order to learn to weatherrepparttar 147253 storm and grow stronger.

To succeed at overcoming obstacles you need to haverepparttar 147254 guts not to quit, but to see things through; to haverepparttar 147255 strong faith to believe more in yourself than inrepparttar 147256 obstacles and to haverepparttar 147257 willingness to do what it takes to turnrepparttar 147258 obstacles around.

This means, you need to stand up to your obtacles and firmly believe you can overcome them. When you attack your obstacles and do something about them, you'll find that they are not as threatening as they appeared to be at first.

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