The search engine secret that is no secret at all

Written by Herb Leibacher and Monica Leibacher, Web Builder Express

It's common knowledge - we all know that it is important to rank well in search engines. Doing so can bring qualified, interested visitors torepparttar web site you create. And, those visitors come to you believing that you know what you are talking about, since you showed up inrepparttar 135167 search engine results.

Allrepparttar 135168 time, people ask "How do I get my site to show up first when I type 'whatever' intorepparttar 135169 search engines?".

Here'srepparttar 135170 secret:

Create a great web site with useful information, and have more relevant links pointing back to your web site than your competitors.


You shouldn't be. The secret is not really a secret at all.

We all want short cuts and quick fixes. It would be nice if you could believerepparttar 135171 ads, submit to 18 bazillion search engines for free, and get torepparttar 135172 top ofrepparttar 135173 search engines. But, alas, it doesn't work that way.

It takes hard work and long term commitment.

So, what can you do today?

1. Write a new, fresh article onrepparttar 135174 topic of your web site.

Linking Strategies for Google

Written by SEO Company

Google has recently filed an application for a United States patent includingrepparttar use of historical data in analyzing links. This has caused quite a buzz. Many articles are being written about new linking strategies for Google and how to "beatrepparttar 135166 system." Techniques to beatrepparttar 135167 system include registeringrepparttar 135168 domain name for 10 years instead of one, repositioning your Google AdSense banner to get a better click-through rate and using third party linking strategies. All ofrepparttar 135169 linking strategies geared towards beating Google's system will eventually fail. Why?

Google is using historical data to rank each website. In linking terms, this means that Google keeps track of each link's date including outbound and inbound links. The date a link is found on another site pointing back to yours is recorded. The date you put up an outbound link to another site is recorded.

Other information Google keeps track of with a date stamp isrepparttar 135170 registration date ofrepparttar 135171 domain name,repparttar 135172 date Google finds a website (usually from an inbound link) andrepparttar 135173 date that browser Favorites are added. There will be a few Webmasters who will work very hard to spoof this information and a few may even succeed. But, forrepparttar 135174 average web business owner, these shady techniques will not be an option.

So, what isrepparttar 135175 best linking strategy forrepparttar 135176 new Google? The best new strategy isrepparttar 135177 same asrepparttar 135178 best old strategy: content. Content is still king. Those who argue this point have spent too many hours trying to beatrepparttar 135179 system rather than working on content. Beatingrepparttar 135180 system has worked for this group, for a while.

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