The requested URL was not found on this server

Written by Lauri Harpf

"The requested URL /file.html was not found on this server. Apache/1.3.14 Server at Port 80".

Does that look familiar? If you've ever accidentally tried to access a page that doesn't exist, possibly by following an outdated link or by misspellingrepparttar name ofrepparttar 134453 page, you've probably seen something likerepparttar 134454 above appear on your screen. You might have attempted to correctrepparttar 134455 error by checkingrepparttar 134456 URL for mistakes, but it is even more likely that you just clicked "Back" and returned where you came from, never visitingrepparttar 134457 site again.

For a surfer, encountering a "404 page" is a nuisance. For a webmaster, they can be far more problematic, causing a reduction in traffic which in turn means losing a part ofrepparttar 134458 precious advertising revenues or salesrepparttar 134459 site's life depends on. You can minimizerepparttar 134460 amount of 404 errors by periodically checking your pages for broken links, but it is impossible to get completely rid of them. So, what can you do?

The solution - Custom 404 pages ===============================

The best way to avoid losing visitors to 404's is to replacerepparttar 134461 standard and unfriendly error message with a custom page. Fortunatelyrepparttar 134462 task is relatively simple and can be performed by anyone who owns a site that has its own domain name.

As different server softwares handle things in their own ways, there is no single method of creating a custom error page that works with every system. The following instructions can be applied by those who have sites hosted under Apache, which is a very widely used program. If you don't know what software your host is running, contact them and ask.

To startrepparttar 134463 process, use an FTP program such as CuteFTP to connect to your server. Search for a file named ".htaccess". Should you find it, downloadrepparttar 134464 file to your home computer for editing. Ifrepparttar 134465 file is not there, don't worry, you'll just have to create it yourself.

Grab a normal text editor and openrepparttar 134466 file, or if you don't have it, open up a blank file. Typerepparttar 134467 following intorepparttar 134468 first line ofrepparttar 134469 file:

Is Your Web Host A Paddle Boat Or A Cruise Ship?

Written by Mike Jones

A paddle boat is great for fun on a day off! But would you consider taking it torepparttar open sea? A cruise ship onrepparttar 134452 other hand is ideally suited for pampering its guests with every facility imaginable forrepparttar 134453 vacation of your dreams!

Applying this analogy to web hosting can help you make a wise decision if you are currently 1) new to internet business and looking for that first web host, or 2) up and running but thinkingrepparttar 134454 time has come to upgrade to a higher level.

Web hosts fall generally into 3 categories. They are: 1) Free Services 2) Budget Hosts (under $20-25 per month) 3) Full Service ($25+ per month)

Let's take a look at each category.

1. Free Services If you want to run a home page for personal interest for family and friends, great! If you want to ease intorepparttar 134455 internet cautiously, great. offer a good free service with reasonable support. Or check out: for a good listing of what's available.

In short, if you merely want to paddle around, have a little fun, gain some experience, these services are fine. For serious business however you really need your own domain name, not someone else's. Tripod takesrepparttar 134456 edge off by allowing your name to come first inrepparttar 134457 URL, e.g.

Having said that, you can't get away fromrepparttar 134458 fact that your credibility as a business takes a hit when clients see this kind of domain name.

2. Budget Hosts You get what you pay for, generally. Many may knockrepparttar 134459 value of budget hosts. If you are running a serious business, then probably this kind of package would not give enough stability or features.

Considerrepparttar 134460 following first-hand nightmare experience: "One popular low-cost host left my entire site dead for over a week while I scrambled frantically to save my business. Heck, I couldn't even reach anyone or get them to return my plea for help. Whenrepparttar 134461 dust settled, they had lostrepparttar 134462 backups of my entire site and I was left to fend for myself." - Ken (Internet Marketing Challenge)

Onrepparttar 134463 other hand, you may find my experience helpful in your decision making. I am running a resource site at present containing information pages and some doorway pages. I don't sell from my site. I don't need a secure ordering page. For my purpose in running this particular domain, a budget host is fine. However, I ran a check on it some months back usingrepparttar 134464 free service at

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