The recipe to stop procrastinating

Written by Tom Drakou

Procrastination is a rather serious issue. Various researches shown that, for example, up to 70% of students tend to procrastinate at least occasionally. Another interesting number was brought to attention in a recent research done by Tim Pychyl and Jennifer Lavoie - they discovered that 47% ofrepparttar time spent online onrepparttar 139830 internet amounts to nothing else but work avoidance.

Many people look for an instant cure for everything, but especially when it comes to procrastination, such a cure remains a distant dream. Procrastination can be a really tough nut to crack, asrepparttar 139831 word itself is just a non-descriptive label covering many possible symptoms and causes, often quite unrelated.

In a hope that it will inspire some, I am offering a recipe from my anti-procrastination cuisine:

Recipe by:

Preparation time: 30 minutes

10 ways to enjoy your stress more.

Written by Michael Dimas

1. The Mentor Method: think of your favorite person. Someone you love, admire, trust, like a mentor or someone from your spiritual tradition. Simply thinking about them will help you change your focus fromrepparttar stress hooey to a more desirable response associated with your favorite person. Also, you do not need to wait to get stressed out to do this as thinking of your hero's always makes you feel better. Pictures of family and loved ones also help so make sure you have these at work. Think of happy and/or silly times you've had with these people. Feel better already don't you? Good. Now relax, take a deep breath and enjoy yourself even more as you read on...

2. Create Worry zones and Stress times: pick a specific location for your worry party and limit yourself to this location for things worth worrying about. Get serious. Get wigged out. Get ready to worry! Do your rants/raves only in this place you have chosen and forrepparttar 139736 time you have specified. That's right, there is a time limit torepparttar 139737 moaning/groaning!

When stuff happens that you habitually worry about then go to your zone and take care of business. Rememberrepparttar 139738 time limit...5 minutes max. If this does not seem like enough time then you must get better at worrying in a shorter time frame! Behave yourself everywhere else.

Make surerepparttar 139739 zone is not a place where you spend most of your time or has other people in it. Keeprepparttar 139740 kitchen and family room as cheerful as possible. The bedroom is for sleeping and other pleasant activities so no worrying is allowed there. Ditto forrepparttar 139741 office,repparttar 139742 bathroom,repparttar 139743 car, church meetings, movies, restaurants, etc. Pick only one place forrepparttar 139744 worry zone.

3. Use " hello to life" activities to break out of your routines that produce stress. One of my favorite people, Truman Madsen, introduced me to this one. Do something radically different that is enjoyable. For example, instead of walking/worrying do some skipping instead. It's OK to continue withrepparttar 139745 worrying but your main focus should be onrepparttar 139746 skipping. You skipped as a kid. It's time to do it again. Not only will you feel better but just think how ridiculous you'll look to other's who see you skipping in your work clothes, carrying a briefcase and talking onrepparttar 139747 phone atrepparttar 139748 same time! Atrepparttar 139749 very least, it will make others feel better! They may not realize you are angry or worried. They'll simply think you are nuts.

4. Touch your nose: yes, you heard me. First, get yourself in a great state like hilarity. Get yourself laughing and goofing around feeling terrific. In this peak state of enjoyment, touch your nose. Get others in on this and make yourselves laugh more and more frequently touching your nose as you laugh, giggle, smile. This creates a neurological "anchor" where your brain associatesrepparttar 139750 good feelings of laughing and goofing around with touching your nose. Inrepparttar 139751 future, you may simply touch your nose to createrepparttar 139752 good feelings. If you do this a lot you may learn to enjoy your stress. Warning: touching other people onrepparttar 139753 nose when they are pissed off does not really help that much so touch your own nose only.

5. Howl and hallucinate: imagine those that you are blaming for your stress. What would they look like if you started howling at them duringrepparttar 139754 stress episode? Imaginerepparttar 139755 look on their face when you howled with glee. Imaginerepparttar 139756 look on your in-laws faces when you howl in their kitchen. Imaginerepparttar 139757 look on your boss' face when you howl standing on your desk. Imaginerepparttar 139758 look on those folks waiting in line atrepparttar 139759 grocery store when you howl like a maniac. Need to spice up your romantic life? Next time you are inrepparttar 139760 midst of that romantic stuff just start howling. Your wife will think you are a stud muffin. Your husband will think you are a hotty.

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