The power of desire! - part 2

Written by Carl Cholette

Let's continue where we left off in Part 1...

We have stated that it was inrepparttar power of man to Create Desire ; not only to be its master when created, but also to actually Create it by bringing it into being. Andrepparttar 149943 statement is absolutely true, and is verified and proven by repparttar 149944 most recent experiments and discoveries of modern psychology. Instead of man being a creature of Desire and this indeed he is in many cases, he may become Master of Desire and even a Creator of it. By knowledge and Will he may reverserepparttar 149945 ordinary order of things and, displacing repparttar 149946 intruder fromrepparttar 149947 throne, he may seat himself there in his rightful place, and then bidrepparttar 149948 late occupant do his will and obey his bidding. Butrepparttar 149949 best way forrepparttar 149950 new occupant ofrepparttar 149951 throne to bring about a reorganized court is to dismissrepparttar 149952 old objectionable creatures of his mind and create new ones in their places. And here is how it may be done: Inrepparttar 149953 first place, one must think carefully over repparttar 149954 tasks that he wishes to accomplish, then, using his judgment carefully, judicially and impartially,impersonally so far as is possible – he must take mental stock of himself and see in what points he is deficient, so far as repparttar 149955 successful accomplishment ofrepparttar 149956 task is concerned. Then let him analyzerepparttar 149957 task before him, in detail, separatingrepparttar 149958 matter into as many clear defined divisions as possible, so that he may be able to seerepparttar 149959 Thing as It Is, in detail as well as in its entirety. Then let him take a similar inventory ofrepparttar 149960 things, which seem necessary ofrepparttar 149961 accomplishment ofrepparttar 149962 task, notrepparttar 149963 details that will arise only asrepparttar 149964 work progresses, day by day, but repparttar 149965 general things, which must be done in order thatrepparttar 149966 task is brought to a successful conclusion. Then having taken stock ofrepparttar 149967 task,repparttar 149968 nature ofrepparttar 149969 undertaking, and one’s own qualifications and shortcomings – then Begin to Create Desire, according torepparttar 149970 following plan: The first step inrepparttar 149971 Creation of Desire is that ofrepparttar 149972 forming of a clear, vital Mental Image ofrepparttar 149973 qualities, things and details ofrepparttar 149974 undertaking, as well as ofrepparttar 149975 Completed Whole. By a Mental Image we mean a clear-cut, distinct mental picture inrepparttar 149976 Imagination ofrepparttar 149977 things just names. Now, do not turn away with an impatient motion atrepparttar 149978 mention ofrepparttar 149979 word Imagination. That is another word that you have only a mistaken idea of. Imagination means far more thanrepparttar 149980 mere idle, fanciful use of that part ofrepparttar 149981 mind that is believed by people to be "all there is to it.

"It isn’t all, by a long way. In fact,repparttar 149982 fanciful part may be said to be merely a shadow ofrepparttar 149983 real Imaginative effort. Imagination is a real thing, it is a faculty ofrepparttar 149984 mind by which it creates a matrix, mold, or pattern of things, whichrepparttar 149985 trained Will and Desire afterward, materializes into objective reality. There has been nothing created byrepparttar 149986 hands and mind of man which did not have its first origin inrepparttar 149987 Imagination of some one. Imagination is repparttar 149988 first step in Creation, whether of worlds or trifles. The mental pattern must always precederepparttar 149989 material form. And so it is inrepparttar 149990 Creation of Desire. Before you can Create a Desire you must have a clear Mental Image of what you need to Desire.

Telling Yourself The Truth

Written by Lael Johnson

Copyright 2005 Writer's Eye Advisory Service

*Do you tell yourself bothrepparttar positive and negative truth about your work day? *Do you remember what you did well at work? *Do you keep a record of tasks that will support a good work evaluation? *Do you keep track of your successes?  *Do you takerepparttar 149793 time to tell othersrepparttar 149794 truth? *Do those that you supervise know when they’ve done a well? *Do they know when and where they need to improve? *Or do you relive onlyrepparttar 149795 worst moments of your work day?   

Telling yourselfrepparttar 149796 truth applies to all parts of your life. It isn’t an easy discipline to learn, because it is so much easier to complain, feel sorry for yourself or blame someone else for your mistakes.  It’s also awkward to talk about your successes. Telling yourselfrepparttar 149797 truth, will free you up from nagging negative thoughts, open your eyes to new ideas and enable you to relax and work more productively. If you see any part of yourself in this description, then you might findrepparttar 149798 following exercises helpful.

LISTEN TO YOUR THOUGHTS: Take five minutes and listen torepparttar 149799 thoughts in your head. Listen  carefully torepparttar 149800 tone of your remarks.  Do you recognize sarcasm, anger or whining? Are any of these words familiar?: “You can’t do that.” “You can’t breakrepparttar 149801 rules or you will lose your job.” “Who do you think you are?” If you hear these words or something similar then you are heading directly into a negative situation. In order to successfully complete your project, you must make some immediate changes.  One of those changes is to choose:

ONE WORK AREA:  Choose one difficult area: Are you aware of vulnerable areas in your project? Take a closer look at idea development, completing action plans, completingrepparttar 149802 finished project  or sendingrepparttar 149803 project out intorepparttar 149804 world? Remember to keep your focus on your chosen work area, unless circumstances dictate otherwise.

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