The perfect diet combined with a healthy weight management

Written by Jeff Usher

The perfect diet should be combined with a healthy weight management or activity program.

Weight management may conjure up that dreaded “exercise” word. And exercise to some means pushingrepparttar body beyond limits, experiencing painful in joints, muscles, bones – everywhere.

No pain no gain, right? Wrong.

Instead, replacerepparttar 113051 word “exercise” with “activity” and incorporate this in your daily routine. And a general rule of thumb for guidelines about “activity” would be to strive for a minimum of 30 minutes for adults or 60 minutes for children of moderate physical activity daily.

Individual activity goals depend upon each person’s health and weight goals and issues. Begin by checking with your medical advisor or healthcare physician to get a green light on which activities would be suitable for you, what your target weight range should be and a strategic plan to improve your health.

In a nutshell, during activities, calories are burned, pounds are shed inrepparttar 113052 long run. Andrepparttar 113053 number of calories burned depends uponrepparttar 113054 duration and intensity orrepparttar 113055 activity. Slow and steady isrepparttar 113056 rule of thumb. And note daily progress. For those who have never been very active at all, it may be advisable to begin slow like with walking 10 minutes each day, gradually building up time and distance with increased “brisk” pacing.

Midlife: Single, Lonely & Depressed? Try Dancing!

Written by Susan Dunn, MA, Midlife Dating Coach

It’s no wonder so many people of all ages are turning to dancing. It kills two birds with one stone: it’s a great way to meet members ofrepparttar opposite sex and new friends, and it offers exercise, one ofrepparttar 113050 antidotes to depression with or without therapy, with or without medication.

If you know you should be exercising more and just can’t drag yourself out of bed an hour earlier inrepparttar 113051 morning to go jogging inrepparttar 113052 freezing cold, or can’t find tennis and racquetball partners, dancing’s an option you need to consider. It requires no partner, no special equipment, costs little, happens after work hours, and you probably have something appropriate to wear already in your closet.

Many dance halls now offer free or nearly-free group dance lessons and there are dancing studios cropping up all overrepparttar 113053 country where you can get individual and group lessons.

Typicallyrepparttar 113054 dance teacher inrepparttar 113055 private school tries to balancerepparttar 113056 ratio of men to women (arguablyrepparttar 113057 hardest part ofrepparttar 113058 job), and encourages changing partners, partly to increase your leading and following skills, and partly so you can developrepparttar 113059 social skills of dancing – where to look, what to say, how to invite someone to dance with you, and how to decline politely.

They also may fill in with dance assistants who are learning how to teach and wantrepparttar 113060 practice. “You don’t need to have a partner,” they advertise. Singles are welcome, often outnumberingrepparttar 113061 partnered, and there’s likely to be a wide age range, skewed slightly onrepparttar 113062 older side. How sweet it that?

The private dance studio may also offer social outings and field trips to other dance halls which will extend your knowledge of what’s available and also bring you new acquaintances and dance partners.

And a nod torepparttar 113063 future? Many schools offer training for your first wedding dance. It’s a big moment whenrepparttar 113064 bride and groom takerepparttar 113065 floor, and they will teach you how to make it look and feel good.

If you’re a man, you can also use this training to allow you to become a Gentleman Dance Host on cruise ships, includingrepparttar 113066 coveted Cunard line. These gentleman, who are older and have good social and dance skills, are on duty every night inrepparttar 113067 various lounges ofrepparttar 113068 ship dancing with women in need of dancing partners, as part of their working vacation. For more information on this, see my ebook, “Presenting on a Cruise.”

Country and Western dance halls, Salsa Clubs and Big Band Ballrooms are filling empty nights (weeknights and Sundays) by offering group lessons you can take advantage of. They usually have a male and a female teacher, so you can see what it looks like when you actually dance with someone.

You can learnrepparttar 113069 Triple Two Step, Salsa, Merengue, West Coast Swing andrepparttar 113070 new line dances, as well asrepparttar 113071 traditional ballroom dances likerepparttar 113072 waltz and polka. My dance school is having a Polka Party this Sunday afternoon. 2 hours of instruction followed by open dancing. Can you imaginerepparttar 113073 exercise?

Check withrepparttar 113074 dance halls in your area, or go here to locate a dance teacher: This website needs more names and numbers (there were none listed for my zip code, while there are many opportunities in this town), so if your dance school or teacher isn’t listed there, call and tell him or her to get on this website. It provides needed information.

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