The origin of pocketbikes

Written by Steve Robinson

The concept of pocket bikes also known as mini bikes, mini motos, or mini motorcycles) began years ago in Japan, a country known for miniaturizing full-scale products. As crude mockups ofrepparttar first pocket bikes were developed and ridden, a brand new trend and following developed. Asrepparttar 102724 sport spread into Europe, Italian manufacturer Polini began research and development into producing high quality racing Minimoto bikes. Throughoutrepparttar 102725 years,repparttar 102726 combination of Japanese innovation and Italian craftsmanship has produced ultra high performance pocket bikes. Some of today's top motorcycle racers got their start inrepparttar 102727 sport of pocket bike racing. Champion riders started in this smaller scale sport and eventually dominated all pocket bike racing events throughoutrepparttar 102728 world..

Michelin Reinvents the Tweel

Written by Richard A. Brink

Every once in a while a product comes along that catches your eye. The new Michelin Tweel is just such a product. Shown here mounted on an Audi A4, demonstating its flexibility, is what Michelin North America Inc. has dubbedrepparttar Tweel. It is a tire and wheel combo that comes as an assembly, requires no air(the flexibilty comes fromrepparttar 102723 spokes)and is retreadable. Can you imagine never having a flat again?

The Tweel uses a network of elastomeric polyurethane spokes to controlrepparttar 102724 ride characteristics. These ride characteristics can be set independently of each other, for instance, verticle stiffness-which primarily affects ride comfort-and lateral stiffness-which affects handling and cornering-can both be optimized, pushingrepparttar 102725 comfort level andrepparttar 102726 performance envelope atrepparttar 102727 same time. This is something todays pneumatic tire just cant do.

The possibilities ofrepparttar 102728 Tweel seem endless. For instance, sincerepparttar 102729 Tweel requires no air, holes or channels could be designed inrepparttar 102730 tread that

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