The optics of Prescription Eyeglasses

Written by Timothy Gorman

There are estimated 168 million people who wear prescription eyeglasses inrepparttar United States. Only a very small percentage of those people could tell you what strength their lenses are or read an eyeglass prescription.

The strength of prescription eyeglasses is measured in what we call diopters. Optometrists abbreviate that with a D. The strongerrepparttar 146156 lens,repparttar 146157 higherrepparttar 146158 diopter measures. Prescription eyeglass lenses are measured in positives or negatives. If you look through a negative lensrepparttar 146159 object that you are focusing on will look smaller. If looking through a positive lens,repparttar 146160 object will look bigger.

There are three professions that deal with prescription eyeglasses that many people are not aware of. The first profession is called an Optician. An Optician makesrepparttar 146161 lenses, frames and contact lenses. They analyzerepparttar 146162 prescription and then dispense medications and prescription eyeglasses.

The Ophthalmologist is an eye doctor who is licensed to perform surgeries that are needed to correct vision or aid in curing eye diseases.

Survey conducted on Prescription Eyeglasses

Written by Timothy Gorman

Prescription eyeglasses and/or contact lenses are worn by over 60% ofrepparttar nations population today. The end ofrepparttar 146155 year 2006, it is estimated that 176 million people will be in need of vision correction.

A survey conducted byrepparttar 146156 Vision Council of America showed that over 40 percent ofrepparttar 146157 subjects surveyed would wear either prescription eyeglasses or fashion eyeglasses whether they needed to or not. The survey also showed that 39% ofrepparttar 146158 people surveyed perceive people that wear eyeglasses to be smarter than those who do not. The biggest complaints, found inrepparttar 146159 survey, were dirty eyeglasses and scratched lenses.

Only 53% ofrepparttar 146160 people surveyed that they knew what polarized lenses were on prescription eyeglasses. The function of Polarized lenses is to reducerepparttar 146161 glare. They are especially helpful to people who have just undergone cataract surgery and are very sensitive to bright lights. They are popular among boaters, skiers, drivers and any other hobbyist thatrepparttar 146162 glare cannot only be annoying, but dangerous.

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