The most fundamental strategy in tennis is: Consistency

Written by Mark Luyk

Hi, This isrepparttar second in a series of tennis tips. I don't assume to tell you something new every time, however sometimes you need to hear something you already know one more time! As promised, this time I will give you some tactical advice. It's called: CONSISTENCY! In tennisrepparttar 142146 basic idea is to hitrepparttar 142147 ball overrepparttar 142148 net intorepparttar 142149 field ofrepparttar 142150 opponent and preferably one time more often than him/her. If you succeed you winrepparttar 142151 point. That'srepparttar 142152 basic idea. Now I know there's more to it, however since it is so basic, so essential, it's worth paying attention to. On almost all levels you win more points of your opponent's mistakes than you do of your own winners. Every now and then on a professional level you will see a player hit more winners than his/her opponent made unforced errors, but often it isrepparttar 142153 other way around even on that level. This balance between taking risk and not making to many unforced errors is very delicate and very important if you want to enjoy some success in tennis. A good example of this isrepparttar 142154 match Dutchman Verkerk played against Federer in Paris in 2004. Verkerk hit an enormous amount of winners, but unfortunately made almost as many unnecessary mistakes as well. His unforced errors evened out his winners. Although he hadrepparttar 142155 initiative during most ofrepparttar 142156 match, inrepparttar 142157 end he lost.

3 Ways To Maximize On The Effectiveness Of A Golf Instruction Video

Written by Mike Pedersen

Golf instruction videos featuring techniques and tips from leading world class players are very common these days.

Still there are very few people who can claim to have had their games improved by a golf instruction video. So here are three tips to help you ensure that you reap maximum fruits from every golf instruction video that you ever get to watch.

1) Watchrepparttar golf instruction video several times

Some people watch golf instruction videos to try and get a single Magic formula that will revolutionize their game. They do not realize thatrepparttar 142105 valuable nuggets in these videos are hidden inrepparttar 142106 many small things you need to do which add up to a great improvement in your game.

This is why it is very important to watchrepparttar 142107 video several times. At least twice.

2) Get webcam shots of yourself playing and compare your posture and positioning to what you see inrepparttar 142108 golf instruction video

It may not be very easy to tell what is wrong with your golf swing for example or how to correct it without taking a very close look at your game. The best way to do this is to get somebody else to take webcam shots of you onrepparttar 142109 course as you play. When you watch these alongsiderepparttar 142110 golf instruction videos, it will be very easy for you to tell where your problem areas are and what you need to do to correct them.

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