The look in her eyes Part 1

Written by Deepshikha Mohapatro

Fire, fire, Natasha heard people shouting, she ran out of her house and saw that there was fire everywhere. There seemed to be so much of light all around her that she could not see anything. There is nothing like certainty in life things can change any time, any minute. Her mind was spinning; she suddenly remembered that her baby was sleeping insiderepparttar house. She ran back intorepparttar 143540 house. She looked atrepparttar 143541 clock hanging onrepparttar 143542 wall. It was 11 pm. She had seen this before, surely she had. The same clockrepparttar 143543 same time; she had heardrepparttar 143544 same noises.

Something was very familiar about this scene. It seemed like she had lived this before. Nancy tried to put away her thoughts.

Story Development Software: Good or Evil?

Written by David B. Silva

Inrepparttar early days ofrepparttar 143327 personal computer, we're talkingrepparttar 143328 mid-'80s here, there was speculation that someday books would all be writen by computers. It sounded a little too science-fictiony for most writers. After all, words on a page---no matter how well they appear to work together---are meaningless withoutrepparttar 143329 insights and experiences ofrepparttar 143330 writer behind them.

At this point in time, I'm happy to report, computers are not writing all our books for us.

However, writing software has progressed far beyondrepparttar 143331 basic word processing abilities of Word and Word Perfect.

Today, we have a wide variety of story development software. Most can be used to write novels or screenplays, even television scripts or stage plays. Programs such as Truby's Blockbuster or Dramatica Pro teach their own unique approach to story development. Other programs, such as Power Structure, StoryBase, and StoryWeaver provide prompts for help with character, structure, and theme.

They do not writerepparttar 143332 story for us.

But they are coming closer.

Dramatica Pro, for instance, uses what it refers to as a story engine, that reveals relationships of deep structure independent of subject and content. It takes you byrepparttar 143333 hand and shows you what character, plot and theme issues you need to address. And finally, it weaves all your plot points together for maximum Dramatica Pro impact.

Truby's Blockbuster helps you findrepparttar 143334 best story form for your genre work, helps you developrepparttar 143335 7 keys that providerepparttar 143336 nucleus for your story, and then lays outrepparttar 143337 22 steps of story development to carry your plot from start to finish.

I've used most of these programs at one time or another. While I believe Dramatica Pro has great potential and a unique take on story development, it also has a steep learning curve. Personally, I turn to writing software to save time. If it drains my time to learn how to use it properly, then it defeats its purpose.

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