The lazy man guide and fast way to profit online

Written by Aziz Akinsola

hello, As you see,repparttar first issue ofrepparttar 124208 ecourse is right in front of you.

Some ofrepparttar 124209 readers ofrepparttar 124210 ecourse are at a very basic level, so, if you are more advanced, considerrepparttar 124211 first couple of lessons a "review". Repetition isrepparttar 124212 muther of knowledge and sometimes we have to "relearn" things that we already know but never put to good use...

Today we will make an "overview" of your plan.Consider this an "introduction" torepparttar 124213 ecourse. So, without further delay, let's begin, shall we? ;-)

Listen up: Right now, you want to make moneyonline, right? Right. The thing is that you want to make money NOW. You want to see your bank account "inflate" NOW. And NOT in 5 months.

Here'srepparttar 124214 plan:

1) You will need a product to sell. The product needto be a quality one and it has to have *very* healthy profit margins. This means that for every single sale,a tidy sum of money is left in YOUR pocket.

2) You will need a site that will be able toeffectively sell this product. (Good sales copy,automated order processing system that sends money to you on complete autopilot etc.)

3) You will need to bring qualified traffic to yoursite. And... you will need to do it NOW. (Remember, you want to make money quickly!)

4) You will need to automaterepparttar 124215 process and repeat!

Take Control of Your Newsletter Publication (Product Review)

Written by Terah J. Logan

Date: April 17, 2004

Product: Newsletter Manager

Price: $9.95


Author: Terah J Logan,

A Newsletter Script that actually WORKS!

I have purchased a zillion scripts! Often I install them on my server exactly asrepparttar instructions say, (I would say I am advanced in script installation knowledge), and for some reason they donít work. (Poorly written scripts.). UGH!

This script called, Newsletter Manager, is an exception. I have installed this script with no problems and I have it working on my site.

We all know creating a newsletter is a great way to generate traffic, sales, and loyal customers. If you donít have a newsletter then you really need to, and this script will provide an easy and effective way to deliver your newsletter with NO hassels!


I prefer to use this script instead of relying on third party services (i.e. ROIbot, Aweber, egroups, Rapid Reply) simply because I have full control. I managerepparttar 124207 backup, I donít get shut down because someone does not like my products or what I have to say, and I can editrepparttar 124208 templates completely as I desire. See for yourself - running your own newsletter script on your own site isrepparttar 124209 way to a professional image onrepparttar 124210 Internet. (Not to mention it beats payingrepparttar 124211 monthly fees if you go through third party services! )

*Newsletter Manager* This script I installed in a matter of minutes. No exaggeration.

Itís a great product that will have you sending out your own newsletter ASAP andrepparttar 124212 options are great.

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