The land of the sun and the good wine

Written by Gustavo Roitman

The city of San Rafael - Mendoza in Argentina, offers a wide variety of travel resources for all ages. This resources include: hiking, horse riding, trekking, raffting, parapente, kayak, climbing, among others.

If you are not interested in adventure tourism, you can enjoyrepparttar beautiful natural landscapes which San Rafael counts with.

For those who are lovers ofrepparttar 148780 culture ofrepparttar 148781 wine,repparttar 148782 city of San Rafael is worldwide

Travel To Stowe Vermont - Ski Vacation Capital Of The East

Written by Catherine Olivia

Nothing says New England like a small white church with it's steeple rising inrepparttar air high above orange, yellow and red hued fall leaves beneath a sky so blue that you can actually feelrepparttar 148779 cripsness ofrepparttar 148780 fall air. One of these most famous New England churches isrepparttar 148781 Stowe Community Church inrepparttar 148782 beautiful 200 plus year old town of Stowe Vermont.

Walking down Main Street in Stowe you will feel like you are back in time, and you won't be at a loss for shopping. Parkrepparttar 148783 car and enjoyrepparttar 148784 old time ambiance as you strollrepparttar 148785 quaint town center. You will find antique stores, ski shops, a clock and lamp shop, ice cream parlor, a book store, Vermont made furniture store, and a quilt shop, to name a few. There is even an old fashioned general store tucked behindrepparttar 148786 shops that sells New England mustards, those ever present maple syrup candies and any array of souvenirs you might need.

After enjoying a tour inrepparttar 148787 town of Stowe, you might want to spendrepparttar 148788 night inrepparttar 148789 fabulous Stoweflake Mountain Resort & Spa. The Stoweflake is a AAA Four-Diamond luxury resort. It boasts a 50,000 square foot spa, state-of-the-art fitness center and two award winning restaurants.

The Stoweflake offers a wide array of rooms, from standard guestrooms with 1 king or 2 double beds to their one- bedroom suites that include a living area, fireplace and jacuzzi tub with two separate vanity areas. For vacations withrepparttar 148790 familyrepparttar 148791 Stoweflake offers townhouses for rent right behindrepparttar 148792 main hotel.

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