The key to success: Get started and stay focused

Written by John Tyler

Folks, they all giggled when I told them I was starting a home business onrepparttar Internet. Now, I have to make time to show them all how I'm generating this income!

Trust me, oncerepparttar 117192 cash starts rolling in, your family members and friends go from being your greatest critics to most focused students in no time flat. I keep telling them allrepparttar 117193 same matter what products you chose to promote online and what their profit potential, there is one aspect of this business that can't be taught. That one aspect is desire.

You have to want it, and that desire has to drive you to get started, and work your business until you succeed. I tried to make money for years online, to no avail. By promoting associate programs I finally began generating an income that leaves those close to me screaming "unbelievable" when I show them my online stats.

It never would have happened if I just spent a couple weeks trying something and then quit after I didn't make $1000s overnight.

Success leaves clues. If you want to make money online, you can. All you have to do is watch what others have done, and duplicate their success.

Start small, and slowly reinvest your profits as your business grows. I recommend you start with associate programs. These programs allow you to start an Internet business with almost no up front costs. All product fulfillment, order processing, and customer service are covered by another company. You simply concentrate onrepparttar 117194 fun part -- marketing.

Dare To Be Different

Written by Denise Hall

Dare to Be Different

By Denise Hall (c) 2003

The Internet is a huge world full of information of all kinds. We can learn anything we want from it.

We can buy products and services of all types. We can shop fromrepparttar comfort of our own homes. Many people read their daily news online rather than inrepparttar 117191 newspaper. Students can find facts about anything their research paper requires.

That's whatrepparttar 117192 Internet is all about - information. It's not called "The Information Highway" for nothing. What a world we live in today, huh?

The Internet is also filled with netrepreneurs who want to build a business from home, but don't always know where to start. They see people making money and know they can do it, too, but don't know what product or service to offer their customers. They want something different or unusual.

Then dare to be different! There's nothing wrong with that.

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