The internet Rat Race... How to avoid the Cheezzze!

Written by Israel Yount

The Internet Rat Race< itle> </head><p><body><p><p> </p> <p> </p> <p align=center><font color="#800000" size="5"><b>The Internet Rat Race... How To avoid<IMG height=12 src="/the2.jpg" alt="repparttar "> Cheezzze!</b></font></p> <p> </p> <p> Ever notice all of<IMG height=12 src="/the2.jpg" alt="repparttar 117220"> on line self proclaimed GURU'S!?! The one's who tell you exactly how to make a living online while you are in your underwear! Wow that would be a site! Sitting in my underwear all day... :o)</p> <p>It's tough finding something that will work online. While trying to supplement your income or to completely be able to leave your job... I would have to say that everyone I know would love to be able to leave their job to do what they wanted, when they wanted and<IMG height=12 src="/the2.jpg" alt="repparttar 117221"> money to do it with... Who loves their job that much anyway? If you do you are an athlete or something like that!  Leaving our day job and firing<IMG height=12 src="/the2.jpg" alt="repparttar 117222"> BOSS and never looking back would be great... I mean who really wants to work<IMG height=12 src="/the2.jpg" alt="repparttar 117223"> same old job for<IMG height=12 src="/the2.jpg" alt="repparttar 117224"> rest of their lives... NOT ME! I've got dreams, BIG DREAMS! And I can't do it working for someone else for 40 years... Who are they kidding anyway?!?</p> <p>But what about getting involved with a online business that offers an affiliate or a MLM type program... If you have ever tried finding a product or program to market online you will have probably seen more than a couple thousand... I mean seen for your self for that matter... Not just reading about <IMG height=12 src="/the2.jpg" alt="repparttar 117225"> several million out there... Who's counting now anyway... The problem isn't <IMG height=12 src="/the2.jpg" alt="repparttar 117226"> program is self... It's<IMG height=12 src="/the2.jpg" alt="repparttar 117227"> person joining or getting involved with<IMG height=12 src="/the2.jpg" alt="repparttar 117228"> program... The program will work but you need someone willing to show you exactly how they did it... And not just a person who says they will, but actually fallow through with their promise...</p> <p>What happens is this, a new person joins a program and gets some cool web sites... shells out some cash for<IMG height=12 src="/the2.jpg" alt="repparttar 117229"> product reads all of<IMG height=12 src="/the2.jpg" alt="repparttar 117230"> materials, page after page... Then<IMG height=12 src="/the2.jpg" alt="repparttar 117231"> person who promises<IMG height=12 src="/the2.jpg" alt="repparttar 117232"> world them isn't ever around to help them... The newbie will never emails their sponsor or anyone else in<IMG height=12 src="/the2.jpg" alt="repparttar 117233"> group for that mater because they are nervous about contacting people online... They are intimidated for what ever reason... So with in a few months they give up and quit with out ever getting started... They feel like it would have never worked anyway, and rightfully so... I mean if no one ever told them what to do how to do it and where to do it...The whole idea is a hopeless cause... When will these people/self proclaimed guru's ever figure it out? You know they've heard or read it before... It's one of<IMG height=12 src="/the2.jpg" alt="repparttar 117234"> most powerful statements ever put into words! "The more you help people get what they want in life,<IMG height=12 src="/the2.jpg" alt="repparttar 117235"> more you will have of what you want in life!" </p> <br><br></font></td><!-- google_ad_section_end --><!-- google_ad_section_start(weight=ignore) --><td align="top" width="10%"></td><td align="top" width="45%"><h2>Hitting The Brick Wall...And Not A Dent</h2><font size="2">Written by Dan Farrell</font><br><br><script type="text/javascript"><!-- google_ad_client = "pub-5766870852072819"; google_ad_width = 234; google_ad_height = 60; google_ad_format = "234x60_as"; google_ad_channel ="9238851329"; google_color_border = "CFB9A1"; google_color_bg = "CFB9A1"; google_color_link = "000000"; google_color_url = "431B02"; google_color_text = "431B02"; //--></script> <script type="text/javascript" src=""> </script> <br> <font size="2">You have been slaving away at your computer…designing a website, picking<IMG height=12 src="/the2.jpg" alt="repparttar "> right affiliate programs, network marketing programs, submitting to<IMG height=12 src="/the2.jpg" alt="repparttar 117219"> search engines, directories, safe lists, FFA's or even buying some targeted advertising with ezines or email lists.<p>Now your ready to quit! You have more traffic to your site or your affiliate/mlm replicated sites but little or no money coming in. However, lots of expenses. And all<IMG height=12 src="/the2.jpg" alt="repparttar 117220"> 'experts' said it could be done this way. What's wrong? What didn't you do that might put you over<IMG height=12 src="/the2.jpg" alt="repparttar 117221"> top? At least, make more income than expenses, and forgetting about all your time.<p>This is what 1,000's of "wanna-be net marketers are feeling…anguish, anger and discouragement. So what do you do? My advice is to copy<IMG height=12 src="/the2.jpg" alt="repparttar 117222"> 'experts' that are making a substantial living online. What Ken Evoy, Terry Dean, Jimmy D. Brown, Marlon Sandors, Declan Dunn, and many others do to create wealth online. Read their stuff. Determine where your focus should be. What market niche is in need of a product/service. Develop that product/service yourself or go in a joint venture with someone that already has developed it. A great search tool to use is Copernic. You can download a free copy at http// It searches all<IMG height=12 src="/the2.jpg" alt="repparttar 117223"> search engines at once and gives you<IMG height=12 src="/the2.jpg" alt="repparttar 117224"> top results.<p>However,<IMG height=12 src="/the2.jpg" alt="repparttar 117225"> most important advice is not mine, but Tom Hopkins, a top sales trainer. He states, it isn't about your sales ability, marketing skills or ad copywriting, it's about lasting! Perseverance is<IMG height=12 src="/the2.jpg" alt="repparttar 117226"> name of game in Internet Marketing but if you are heading up<IMG height=12 src="/the2.jpg" alt="repparttar 117227"> wrong road or pursuing<IMG height=12 src="/the2.jpg" alt="repparttar 117228"> same customer as 1,000's or 100,000's you are going to go down in flames. After re-thinking your market plan or focus, it's time to find targeted prospects this niche market.<p>The first are<IMG height=12 src="/the2.jpg" alt="repparttar 117229"> Search Engines. They are essentially free, even though it costs more and more to get a listing. (Yahoo! charges $199 just to get your site looked at). But<IMG height=12 src="/the2.jpg" alt="repparttar 117230"> major ones, Hotbot, Google, AltaVista, don't charge for you to add your URL. But<IMG height=12 src="/the2.jpg" alt="repparttar 117231"> only way you are going to get any traffic from them is to be listed in<IMG height=12 src="/the2.jpg" alt="repparttar 117232"> top 30 for any keyword or keyword phrase. You are competing with thousands, if not millions of competing web sites for that keyword, so unless you plan to spend most of your time searching for this elusive grail... find a niche keyword or phrase that has little competition. I have seen my web pages steadily climb in<IMG height=12 src="/the2.jpg" alt="repparttar 117233"> Search Engines using Michael Campbell's "Nothing But Net". He tells you how he made $750,000 in<IMG height=12 src="/the2.jpg" alt="repparttar 117234"> first year selling cell phone accessories, and spent $0 on ads!<p>Ezines. If you don't have one, start one. If you would like help getting started, download Ezine Resource Guide. This ebook will walk you through starting an ezine to making lots of money withads, sales, back-end sales and other very informative tactics. But a tactic that is even better is writing ezine articles. You can develop a ton of free publicity and advertising for anything...your ezine, affiliate program, website, mlm's. The absolute best way to do this is spelled out clearly in Jimmy D. Brown's brilliant ebook, Ezine Profit Producer. <br><br></font></td><!-- google_ad_section_end --></tr><tr><td>Cont'd on page 2 ==<a class="mlink" href="2-The_internet_Rat_Race_How_to_avoid_the_Cheezzze!-17220.htm">></a></td></tr></table><script type="text/javascript"><!-- google_ad_client = "pub-5766870852072819"; google_ad_width = 728; google_ad_height = 90; google_ad_format = "728x90_as"; google_ad_channel ="8831454965"; google_color_border = "CFB9A1"; google_color_bg = "CFB9A1"; google_color_link = "000000"; google_color_url = "431B02"; google_color_text = "431B02"; //--></script> <script type="text/javascript" src=""> </script> </td> </tr> </table> <table width="770" border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0"> <tr> <td> </td> </tr> <tr> <td height="48" align="center" background="images/bg_nav_bottm.jpg"><span class="style3"> © 2005<br> <a href="terms.html" rel="nofollow">Terms of Use</a></span></td> </tr> </table></td> </tr> </table> <script type="text/javascript"> var HASH_ESCAPED="%23"; function TrackIt(adUnit){ if (window.status) { var adDomain = escape(window.status.substring(6)); var pyPage = document.location.pathname; var params =; var hasAnchor = params.lastIndexOf(HASH_ESCAPED)!= -1; params = hasAnchor? 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