The importance of a plan when building a reptile cage

Written by Mark Chapple

Would you put together a model plane without look atrepparttar finished plane or looking atrepparttar 141883 plans? Does a builder build a house without a plan?

The answer to these is pretty clearly no. A homemade snake or other reptile cage is so much simpler though, you say. I can just put it together as I go. Not so, my young apprentice. There are many pitfalls awaitingrepparttar 141884 inexperienced. Simple things you can miss. Silly mistakes you can make, and believe me, it is very easy to make them. There are a host of things that can make a simple cage take much longer than it should plus some possible costly mistakes.

If you have never kept a reptile, then before you even plan a reptile cage, you need to do some research on what sort of cage your retile will need. A snake will need cages of certain dimensions; lizards will need other dimensions and arboreal species yet another type of cage with different dimensions. Itís also helpful if you know how large your pet will get so you can plan ahead.

Another benefit of a plan is it helps you to think about your pet reptiles other needs such as heat mats, basking lights, UV lights, misting systems, substrates, decorations such as artificial walls, artificial trees and branches, and how these can be made and placed inrepparttar 141885 cage.

Once you have a clear idea of what you wantrepparttar 141886 finished product to look like and how large it will be you are ready to plan how you are going to construct it. At this stage, having a plan, however rudimentary, is important. Once you have a plan in place you can think throughrepparttar 141887 issues. In many cases it will allow you to removerepparttar 141888 problem before you even start, asrepparttar 141889 plan often reveals an error or issue. Naturally,repparttar 141890 more detailedrepparttar 141891 reptile cage plan,repparttar 141892 more you can make allowance for possible issues. It can also eliminate waste and save money as you only purchaserepparttar 141893 correct amount of material.

The Fun of Do It Yourself Snake and other Reptile Cages

Written by Mark Chapple

Are you nuts? You think banging your finger with a hammer is fun? No, I donít. But building your own snake and other reptile cages can be a fun and rewarding experience.

Before you even start, it is important to spend some time planning your reptile enclosure and carefully examining at how other cages are manufactured. Check out all ofrepparttar parts, examinerepparttar 141882 locks, joins and vents. How isrepparttar 141883 lighting done? What aboutrepparttar 141884 heating?

Use this information to design your own cages, based onrepparttar 141885 needs of your reptile and its size. Work outrepparttar 141886 size of cage you require and design it accordingly, alteringrepparttar 141887 basic designs as needed to suit your purposes.

Building something yourself is a great feeling. I personally enjoyrepparttar 141888 process of shopping for materials and deciding which is best forrepparttar 141889 purpose.

There are quite a few questions to consider, such as:

what should I makerepparttar 141890 base from

what isrepparttar 141891 best way to make a vent

how do you makerepparttar 141892 base water resistant

what sort of lock should I use

what sort of door should I use and how do I make it

what isrepparttar 141893 best light fitting

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