The importance of Thanksgiving every day

Written by David Leonhardt

Thanksgiving isrepparttar most important holiday ofrepparttar 132517 year.

Oh, sure, Christmas is grand, and I know it has many, many fans. I'm not knocking Christmas, but The Thanksgiving story is more important. And Easter has its fans, too. Rebirth is a wonderful thing, but I still say Thanksgiving is more important. Yes, kids jump for joy atrepparttar 132518 thought of Halloween. I am sure they enjoyrepparttar 132519 costumes almost as much as overdose on sugar and chocolate, butrepparttar 132520 Thanksgiving story is even more important.


Becauserepparttar 132521 two most important words inrepparttar 132522 English language are "Thank You". This is true for business success, for social pleasure, even for self-actualization.

For business success, a thank you tells a prospect or partner that you are appreciative of what she has just done. It shows you have a genuine interest in that person andrepparttar 132523 business relationship.

For social interaction, expressing gratitude is equally important to show how you valuerepparttar 132524 other person andrepparttar 132525 social relationship you have with him. Thank you is a bonding phrase.

But thanksgiving is most important on a personal level for our own happiness. This is true for anybody who has ever lived, but it is even more true for us today.

Consider how much we have. More than any of our ancestors, we live inrepparttar 132526 Land of Plenty. We have more than anybody who lived at any time before. And for those of us who live inrepparttar 132527 developed world, we have more than most people on our little planet even today.

I'm not just talking about our abundance of "stuff". Oh sure, we have ten-foot tall digital color televisions with 594,798,345,691 channels and computers that send us aroundrepparttar 132528 world faster thanrepparttar 132529 speed of a race car on growth hormones. And we have 31 flavors of ice cream waiting for us on every second street corner. And we throw out more "junk" than we ever could find a use for inrepparttar 132530 first place. But we have so much more than just stuff. Considerrepparttar 132531 following:

FREEDOM: More ofrepparttar 132532 world lives in a democracy than ever before, and democracy is becoming more open or "democratic" with every year (perhaps in part due torepparttar 132533 Internet).

OPPORTUNITIES: With freedom and affluence comes opportunity. We have more opportunity to make more money, to earn itrepparttar 132534 way we wish, to choose our profession, our location, even our lifestyle. Women have just about reached equality with men in most ofrepparttar 132535 developed world, and more people are able to flee oppressive regimes. Actually, does that not sound like a continuation ofrepparttar 132536 original Thanksgiving story?

KNOWLEDGE: Which came first,repparttar 132537 chicken orrepparttar 132538 egg? With freedom, comesrepparttar 132539 ability to satisfy our curiosity: knowledge. And with knowledge comes a thirst for freedom. Let's face it,repparttar 132540 idea of "the ignorant masses" has become an anachronism. Evenrepparttar 132541 dumbest among us has more knowledge than most people who lived a couple centuries ago. (I said more "knowledge", not more "wisdom", but that's another topic.)

Ten Alternatives to Cutting Down a Tree for Christmas

Written by Andrea Lee

Ten Alternatives to Cutting Down a Tree for Christmas

First, congratulations.

As someone who is considering an alternative torepparttar 'cut' Christmas Tree, I salute you for having a mind that is open to creative possibilities! Here are Ten Alternatives to Cut Christmas Trees, with some direct links to for each option whenever possible. I hope you enjoy creating a new tradition and welcome you torepparttar 132515 special group of folks choosing against a cut tree.

1. Instead of a cut Christmas tree, try a living tree, in a pot.

A living tree isn't thrown out after Christmas, and can continue to oxygenate your surroundings making your air quality better. If you choose to plant your living tree outdoors in your yard or garden after Christmas, you've now added value to your property and beautified your surroundings. More on how planting a live tree helpsrepparttar 132516 planet at this link: Your local garden store or nursery is a good first try for locating a living Christmas tree in a pot. Or, try these links for more possibilities.,,HGTV_3643_1383646,00.html

2. Instead of a cut Christmas tree, try designating an existing outdoor tree as your Christmas tree.

Perhaps you have a lovely tall evergreen in your front or back yard. Choose one and give it some energy efficient lights set to a timer, and let your Christmas tree shine in to your living room. Your hardier ornaments and even popcorn garland also work nicely outdoors...and attract birds too.

3. Instead of a cut Christmas tree, try an inflatable Christmas tree.

Inflatable trees are reusable and a treat to put away after Christmas, since they collapse intorepparttar 132517 size of a small bag oncerepparttar 132518 air is released. Withrepparttar 132519 potential for many decades of use,repparttar 132520 inflatable tree can be used indoors and out, and inflates with a simple pump. No watering, and kids love these! Inflatable tree options are increasing, so check with your local Christmas store for details. Otherwise, these links may prove useful:

4. Instead of a cut Christmas tree, make your own tree.

Making your own Christmas tree can become a great tradition especially if you getrepparttar 132521 whole family in onrepparttar 132522 fun. What recycled material will you use this year? When you succeed in building an especially great tree, you can keep it and reuse.

The only rule here is: use your imagination. How about a beautiful clear tree made from used water bottles, or a wooden tree from scrap lumber? Empty egg cartons, old computer parts, any kind of "junk" in your blue recycling bin can be made into a cool and unique "tree." Talk about your true meaning of Christmas!

5. Instead of a cut Christmas tree, use a Christmas tree wall hanging.

Christmas tree wall hangings are a new, and awesome alternative to cut trees. Simple to hang and ultra slick to store, these are works of art that can even sometimes be lit. Have a look atrepparttar 132523 sample photo and clickrepparttar 132524 link to findrepparttar 132525 only source - so far - that I know of. If anyone else knows of another supplier, be sure to write me!

This is another super choice if your Christmas involves kids.

And oh yes, there's alwaysrepparttar 132526 option of making your own Christmas tree wall hanging, if you're handy with a needle. Try this link to a pattern and some advice...

The tree shown at is small and perfect for small spaces. A full size tree is also possible by alteringrepparttar 132527 dimensions ofrepparttar 132528 pattern.

6. Instead of a cut Christmas Tree, try a (non-plastic) artificial tree. Your typical artificial Christmas tree (found byrepparttar 132529 dozen in stores all over duringrepparttar 132530 Christmas season) is made from PVC or plastic based materials and are actually NOT a good alternative torepparttar 132531 cut Christmas tree. Unfortunately this is because of poor manufacturing processes of those trees that cause a great deal of damage torepparttar 132532 environment through pollution, chemicals and waste.

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