The importance of ‘keeping the customer satisfied’ in the Web Hosting industry

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The web hosting industry is one ofrepparttar most competitive industries onrepparttar 119107 Internet today. Web hosts are constantly thinking of new advertising campaigns inrepparttar 119108 hope of attracting more interest to their company; and, hence to attract more customers. While this is an important goal for any web host it is just as important to recognize and valuerepparttar 119109 customers you already have.

Put your customer needs first – Acknowledge your customers’ feedback and then do something about it; make sure there is a place on your web site or in your control panel for customers to make remarks or offer suggestions about your services or products. Use these suggestions to improve your company. Even if you receive negative feedback, use this feedback positively; it’s better to fix customer concerns as soon as possible to benefit your company’s success inrepparttar 119110 long run.

Provide staff management training – Web hosts can say they have reliable staff and offer support aroundrepparttar 119111 clock. Though behindrepparttar 119112 scenesrepparttar 119113 story is very different; try to accomplish what you preach, it is no use to anyone having staff with bad organizational skills and poor communication skills? Having a clear vision of your company’s goals, providing regular training and being involved with your staff, will contribute greatly to efficiently managing your business.

Offer fast and reliable support – If there is something going critically wrong with a web site, customers can’t be sitting around for days waiting to get their problems solved. Any critical support requests should be answered in just a matter of an hour or two; and, any other requests should be responded to in no more than 24 hours. Hosts should be offering aroundrepparttar 119114 clock support, especially if their market is global.

Reliable support is also crucial. The most common complaint that people have with their web hosting companies is that, sure they get their support requests answered fast but, their host has either not fixed their problem properly or they have no idea whatrepparttar 119115 support team are talking about, too technical. Many people don’t understand allrepparttar 119116 terminology of website hosting, support staff need to be trained in good communication skills too.

When receiving a support request it is much better to make surerepparttar 119117 client’s problem has been fixed properly, make sure your support staff test everything they fix! Not only will you find that you will be receiving less support requests, but your clients will be a lot happier also. One advantage to happy clients is, more referrals!

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“The flexibility and automation once only available on Unix servers is now available on Windows 2000 servers” is a strong and reliable web hosting company who realizes that innovation and development are key aspects to meetingrepparttar rapid growth ofrepparttar 119106 fast paced web hosting industry. To meetrepparttar 119107 high demands of this industry is releasing a new automated, feature rich and customizable control panel. Withrepparttar 119108 click of a mouse, clients themselves are able to administer every aspect of their web account.

Here are just some ofrepparttar 119109 features offered inrepparttar 119110 control panel.

Automated Support Request System – Requesting support fromrepparttar 119111 technical support team could not be easier than usingrepparttar 119112 new automated support request system. Select your query type; follow our easy to use wizard and you will be amazed at how fast your problem is solved. Our automated support robots will diagnose and try to fix your problem onrepparttar 119113 spot. You will then be presented with relevant documentation and your query will be listed for our technical support people to look into.

File Manager – The File Manager is an easy to use interface much like Windows Explorer allowing you to manage your accounts directory. Now you can have control over permissions on Windows 2000 just like you can on Unix based servers. Inrepparttar 119114 file manager you can alter permissions on directories which means you do not have to wait for a technical support person to do it for you. You can also add and remove folders; view, delete, upload, create and edit files within your directory.

Customize Control Panel – Customizingrepparttar 119115 control panel means you can resell accounts knowing that your identity will stand out and people will never know you are using You can customizerepparttar 119116 appearance of your control panel to suit your own individual requirements. You can add your own header and footer; customizerepparttar 119117 color ofrepparttar 119118 background and font; and, even specifyrepparttar 119119 font size and type.

Search Engine Submissions – Just fill inrepparttar 119120 form provided and will submit your web site to over 400 top ranking search engines.

Database Administration – Provides full administration for both MS SQL and MS Access databases. Allowing you to add, upload and delete databases, and also, to create and remove ODBC connections.

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