The idea way to grow your writing business

Written by Jill Black

As a writer (or any business) in order to generate good financial returns for your efforts you will need to place a great deal of emphasis on product creation andrepparttar marketing aspects of your business to turn "what might be" into "what will be" and becomerepparttar 129495 success you hopw to be.

Sometimes however, many writers fall intorepparttar 129496 trap of becoming so involved inrepparttar 129497 creative mechanics ofrepparttar 129498 writing process and tend to forget (at least temporarily)repparttar 129499 fact that this is also a business that needs to continuously generate money.

Asrepparttar 129500 hours, days and weeks needed to write that new book become all important and time consuming, other business matters tend to be placed onrepparttar 129501 "do later" list or are simply neglected all together.

This means we need to s-t-r-e-t-c-h our thinking on a daily basis to ensure all aspects of our business endeavours are included into our daily routine. The successful entrepreneur knows that daily small actions build into a pattern of accomplishment over repparttar 129502 days, weeks, months and years throughoutrepparttar 129503 lifetime of a business and so commit themselves to building on specific actions every single day...

I have found thatrepparttar 129504 most profitable time any business entrepreneur can spend is to set aside a specific time each day specifically forrepparttar 129505 purpose of focusing on generating ideas to grow your business potential and profits.

The best time to do this is during what is called "the golden hour" The golden hour isrepparttar 129506 first hour upon waking each morning. Thinking positively and creatively at this time ofrepparttar 129507 day then setsrepparttar 129508 tone for your entire day.

Many successful business people I have spoken to over repparttar 129509 years also tend to share a common trait... one of repparttar 129510 first questions that springs to mind somewhere at repparttar 129511 beginning of each day tends to be "how can I make money today" or self-talk to that effect. This can be a conscious thought or an unconscious thought that is always present inrepparttar 129512 nature.

I have also found that simply asking yourselfrepparttar 129513 question "what can I do today that hasrepparttar 129514 potential to earn $100" works extremely well at keeping my mind focused onrepparttar 129515 business aspect of daily affairs. These $100 ideas have repaid themselves many times over in terms of business growth.

Forrepparttar 129516 next 21 days (it takes 21 days to get into any new habit) spend time to simply focus on growing your business throughrepparttar 129517 generation and implementation of your $100 ideas.

As this daily routine becomes an automatic part of your daily life, your thinking becomes activated towards being aware ofrepparttar 129518 many money making opportunities that exist forrepparttar 129519 development of your business. Over a period of time these ideas will compound asrepparttar 129520 results of your efforts will lead to success as a writer AND entrepreneur.

Moonlighting Idea: Community Speechwriter

Written by Mike Morgan

All sorts of people give speeches, not only politicians and executives of international conglomerates. Virtually every major life event involves some sort of speech. For example, toasts are offered at weddings, eulogies at funerals, roasts at retirement, anniversary, and company gatherings, and presentations at a variety of events. Everyone makes a speech sometime -- which is why it is consistently ranked asrepparttar #1 fear.

If you have a way with words, and can turn mundane expressions into colorful and memorable ones, you can easily make a decent moonlight income writing for people in your community.

Advertise initially by posting flyers wherever people congregate: churches, schools, community bulletin boards, libraries, etc. Once you have a few speeches under your belt, word-of-mouth will provide you with an ample supply of referral customers.

Plan on spending an hour, or so, with each new client gathering background information, details, and anecdotes. Bring a tape recorder torepparttar 129493 meeting so you can capture some ofrepparttar 129494 client's favorite sayings and verbal mannerisms. Have your questions written out before meeting withrepparttar 129495 client, but listen to each answer for opportunities to explore interesting "side roads".

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