The history of swooping

Written by Jakob Jelling

Swooping is a very new form of skydiving, sorepparttar history of this sport has to date back to skydiving, itself. Skydiving has roots back torepparttar 139857 very first ideas that humanity had regarding flying. It was thought that with a balloon or parachute it might be possible to fly. Now, however, it's known that parachutes are mostly good for slowing a fall, this is whererepparttar 139858 sport started.

Between World War I and World War II, parachuting started to become more and more popular among people who were not soldiers. These people at first started out just using old ex-military equipment. This was good enough at first, but it was discovered that there were several changes that could be made torepparttar 139859 equipment in order to improverepparttar 139860 steering ofrepparttar 139861 parachute.

Eventually it was also discovered that it is much easier to skydive safely if you jump out ofrepparttar 139862 plane in certain positions. Skydiving, while it was still only a sport forrepparttar 139863 brave, gradually became more and more popular overrepparttar 139864 years. In 1950, it was considered to be an aeronautical sport, and now there are hundreds of competitions and skydiving schools all overrepparttar 139865 world.

Where can you go swooping?

Written by Jakob Jelling

Swooping is becoming more and more popular, which means that there are more places where you can actually swoop. In fact, most ofrepparttar major drop zones where people go skydiving will allow you to swoop. However, all of these drop zones require that you know how to swoop if you're going to do it yourself.

In order to find a good location for swooping, you should first find a drop zone where people have a tendency to go swooping quite often. This will generally be a place where you'll be able to go swooping without too much difficulty. Also, you should ask around if you know anybody who has ever been swooping - and find out where they usually do it.

Then, before you do any swooping, you should get a good idea as to whatrepparttar 139856 conditions atrepparttar 139857 drop zone are like. What this means is that you should take a look aroundrepparttar 139858 drop zone before you do any jumps, and you should make sure that your first jump is a standard skydiving drop. The reason for this is that you might experience conditions towardrepparttar 139859 end ofrepparttar 139860 drop that you are not used to. Therefore, once you have made a few safe jumps, you should be ready to swoop.

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