The healer's path

Written by Helen Lee

My name is Helen Lee. I am a Spiritual Healer. I believe this is my life purpose, that my soul has chosen to accomplish in my life time. I feel that I'm being driven by forces that I have no control over. It is as is there are unseen forces pushing me along. I feel that my fate is inrepparttar hands of deceased ancestors, and angelic forces that are helping to evolve me as a healer. These forces are connecting me withrepparttar 122418 people I need to know, and situations I need to be in. I have had mystical experiences in my life. I had an out of body experience. I was in bed watching television. When suddenly I was looking down at my body onrepparttar 122419 bed, and there was a spirit fromrepparttar 122420 wasit up, was looking down at me. I became so frighten that I immediately went into my body. I have had premonitions. I have very vivid lucid dreams, and other pheomena's. I became aware that I was different that there were questions that needed to be answered so I sort out psychics. Thinking that they could answerrepparttar 122421 questions that were on my mind. A lot said you are gifted, or you can do as I do. There was a psychic who said that I haverepparttar 122422 gift to heal. Her name is Pat. I met her at a Psychic Fair. I did not know any ofrepparttar 122423 psychics there, so I asked God to direct me to a psychic that would tell me what I needed to know. So God guided me to Pat. She said,"you haverepparttar 122424 gift to heal, but you will be able to do other things". In time I began to feel heat around me. A psychic told me to focusrepparttar 122425 heat into my hands. I began to do this and I began to feelrepparttar 122426 heat increase in my hands.

The notion to do hands on healing came to me, and I started to do healings on my family, and anyone who would let me. I did

Your May 2002 Aromatic Horoscope

Written by Francoise Rapp

Every astrological sign possesses patterns that may impede one's self-growth, happiness and well-being. Fortunately, with each new month unexpected challenges arise that may be positively transformed into opportunities.

By usingrepparttar following customized fragrances -- developed specifically to react to your emotional, mental and spiritual patterns -- each month becomes a renewed opportunity to find personal harmony and your innate inner strength. Indulge yourself, delight your senses and find serenity! Every month Melusine will offer you new, insightful suggestions and recipes to conjurerepparttar 122417 present moment's positive aspects.

Create your own monthly aromatic blend - it's easy! To preparerepparttar 122418 astrological aromatic blend developed specifically for you this month:

1. Pourrepparttar 122419 proper amount ofrepparttar 122420 recommended essential oils into a 10ml bottle. 2. Add organic dvegetable oil to fillrepparttar 122421 bottle. 3. Anointrepparttar 122422 appropriate chakra areas referred to after your blend ingredients. 4. Breathe in and awaken torepparttar 122423 precious gifts life has to offer you this month.

******** HAPPY BIRTHDAY TAURUS ******** Taurus, now isrepparttar 122424 perfect time for you to reinvent your life. Ignore modesty and dare to be yourself! This month is for you and it's all about energy, power and accomplishing your goals. This month's astrological aromatic blend was designed specifically to enhance your natural powers and amplify your energy.

-4 drops of Rosemary -5 drops of Bay leaves -5 drops of Orange

Anointrepparttar 122425 solar plexus.

******** GEMINI ******** Stop analyzing everything and pay attention to your emotions. You may be going through a time of questioning in your relationship and it 's critical that you listen to your inner voice and recognize your feelings. May's astrological blend will allow you to get in touch with your true inner self and ultimately attain clarity and calm.

-3 drops of Rose otto -7 drops of Sandalwood

Anointrepparttar 122426 solar plexus and abdomen.

******** CANCER ******** Don't be shy, Cancer. May'srepparttar 122427 time to crawl out of your shell. Friends, colleagues and family are happier than you know to spend time with you. Really! So this month let your soulful beauty and sublime sex appeal shine. This month's aromatic blend was developed to inspire your sometimes suppressed sociability and unleash your passionate sensuality.

-4 drops of Jasmine otto -4 drops of Patchouli -6 drops of Orange

Anointrepparttar 122428 heart chakra, solar plexus and sacrum.

******** LEO ******** Your career is your primary focus this month, Leo, and your confidence is soaring. Revel in your strength and enjoy each moment. This month's specialized blend will intensify your joy and promote sociability.

-6 drops of Orange -5 drops of Bergamot -5 drops of Lavender

Anointrepparttar 122429 solar plexus.

******** VIRGO ******** Virgo, for you May means relaxation. Indulge in activities that challenge your sense of creativity and are spiritually therapeutic for you. But no matter what, don't forget to find that healthy balance between work and self-indulgence. Your monthly customized aromatic blend will help you relax and welcome inner peace.

-6 drops of Marjoram -5 drops of Lavender -2 drops of Rose otto

Anointrepparttar 122430 solar plexus, heart chakra.

******** LIBRA ******** Ever feel like you just need to get away? If at all possible, take a weekend off and have some fun. Try to stop worrying, everything will be fine, and take note: your finances will soon get that much needed boost. This month's aromalchemy blend will refresh your mood and revive your spirit.

-4 drops of Peppermint -6 drops of Orange -5 drops of Lemon

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