The hard and winding road to Search Engine top ranking

Written by Johan Oun

Duringrepparttar last period of time I have been coding scripts for our site, that let webmasters submit their pages to over 90 searchengines, indexes and directories (there is a difference between these three categories!) - and boy, have I learned that it must have been far easier forrepparttar 125220 camels? to pass throughrepparttar 125221 eye ofrepparttar 125222 needle (or whatever they where passing?), than for a site to get high ranked atrepparttar 125223 major search engines!

In order to collect data for writingrepparttar 125224 scripts, I have been constantly surfing roundrepparttar 125225 net picking up all information needed. The wayrepparttar 125226 scripts work are quite straightforward, they mainly emulaterepparttar 125227 forms onrepparttar 125228 "add-new-url" pages on each searchengine, directory or index, doing so "plugging" inrepparttar 125229 actual submitting-site-data inrepparttar 125230 forms, nice and tidy!

This surfing around has given me a huge insight in howrepparttar 125231 different searchengines are acting and responding, as well as where and how you can promote your site onrepparttar 125232 web. As a matter of fact, I think have manually spideredrepparttar 125233 bigger part ofrepparttar 125234 "web-promotion-related-community" onrepparttar 125235 net.

On our site I have also written tutorials on these matters, doing so surfing around to find whatrepparttar 125236 real Gurus have to say and teach. This has helped me a lot.

Now this struggling part of my life seems to come to some sort of final, and I have been using our site to promote itself! Really a funny experience, rather like lifting yourself inrepparttar 125237 hair.

Ok, what aboutrepparttar 125238 hangover, you may ask? Well, let me put it this way: The two qualities a site-promoter must have to avoidrepparttar 125239 hangover are patience and accuracy.

- Patience: Don't think that your submission will show up withrepparttar 125240 "reload-page-button" on your browser. It will take weeks and months forrepparttar 125241 majority of engines to spider or list you. And when they do, hopefully you have enteredrepparttar 125242 correct data, and your pages are containing relevant "meta-tags" and loading correctly - otherwise - resubmit - and getrepparttar 125243 web-promotion-hangover!!

10 Free Bonuses That Can Ignite Your Profits!

Written by Larry Dotson

1. Interview Articles - You could compile an ebook or report of interviews you've given to experts from your particular industry.

2. Coupon eBook - You could compile an ebook full of coupons from other products you sell or from other businesses you've made coupon deals with.

3. Online Gallery - You could compile a free online gallery of pictures, graphs, charts, or graphics that is related to your target audience.

4. Webcam - You could set-up a webcam so your customers could view a particular environment or place they are interested in.

5. E-zine Archives - You could bundle all your old e-zine issues together into an e-book or member's web site.

6. Survey Results - You could compile togetherrepparttar results of allrepparttar 125219 surveys you've taken from your web site visitors. It could be an ebook or reports.

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