The fertilization process and implications of test tube babies

Written by Dr.Richard Waller

Throughrepparttar wonders of science, infertile couples who were previously unable to bear children, due to reasons such as blocked fallopian tubes, low sperm count, low egg quantities or advanced age ofrepparttar 148938 mother, are now able to conceive through in-vitro fertilization. The results are babies known as test-tube babies which are technically conceived outsiderepparttar 148939 womb.

In a natural scenario,repparttar 148940 conception of a baby occurs whenrepparttar 148941 ovum, travels fromrepparttar 148942 ovaries, throughrepparttar 148943 fallopian tube to be fertilized byrepparttar 148944 sperm ofrepparttar 148945 father during sexual intercourse. From this point on,repparttar 148946 fertilized egg will travel down towardsrepparttar 148947 uterus and duringrepparttar 148948 process division of cells will occur until it reaches its final destination atrepparttar 148949 wall ofrepparttar 148950 uterus. However, inrepparttar 148951 cases of block fallopian tubes,repparttar 148952 eggs are unable to travel fromrepparttar 148953 ovaries torepparttar 148954 uterus and conception cannot happen.

Developed inrepparttar 148955 United Kingdom by Dr. Patrick Steptoe and Dr. Robert Edwards,repparttar 148956 process of in-vitro fertilization involves removing eggs fromrepparttar 148957 ovaries ofrepparttar 148958 mother and combining them withrepparttar 148959 sperm ofrepparttar 148960 father in a lab environment. The fertilized egg is then placed back intorepparttar 148961 uterus ofrepparttar 148962 mother after 3 to 5 days and will remain there to grow till birth. Because ofrepparttar 148963 low success pregnancy rate of this procedure, a few eggs are placed inrepparttar 148964 uterus to increaserepparttar 148965 odds of success. With this process, statistics have shown thatrepparttar 148966 rates of multiple births have increased where 24 percent ofrepparttar 148967 in-vitro fertilization births have produced twins.

The first test-tube baby, Louise Brown, who was born onrepparttar 148968 25th July 1978, marked hope for other infertile couples to have a baby through this procedure. However, many others were concerned aboutrepparttar 148969 ethical issues surround this. One major area of concern wasrepparttar 148970 fact that asrepparttar 148971 egg is located outsiderepparttar 148972 womb for a few days whilerepparttar 148973 cells multiplied before being put back insiderepparttar 148974 uterus,repparttar 148975 health issues affecting this baby is unknown. Indeed, research has been shown that test-tube babies have a higher chance of birth defects and low birth weight, and researchers still have not been able to determinerepparttar 148976 reason for this.

Internet And Homeschooling

Written by Mary Joyce

In today’s internet world there are products available for just about anything you may have on your mind. Finding a myriad of internet homeschool based curriculums onrepparttar web is certainly no exception. If you are relatively new to searching for information onrepparttar 148863 internet or new to homeschooling in general here are a few thoughts on what to look for if you are considering a web based home school curriculum.

First of all I am not a big fan of adding more ‘in front ofrepparttar 148864 computer’ time to any child’s day. We need to be very careful about this andrepparttar 148865 habits we ingrain into our children. There will always be a battle forrepparttar 148866 child’s attention when it comes to watching TV or surfingrepparttar 148867 net. I believe that today, far too many children’s reading and comprehension skills suffer from too much visual high level learning and not nearly enough lower level reading and comprehending what you have read. Other questions concerning a homeschool internet curriculum that need answers would include things like:

When isrepparttar 148868 course available onrepparttar 148869 internet?

Can I access it at anytime that I want?

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