The facts of zooming

Written by Jakob Jelling

Zooming is often seen as a great tool which could actually make a camcorder more expensive and valuable. Many times, we think a camcorder with a powerful zoom is much better than other which does not offer such characteristic, but not always this is such a great quality as we would think.

Many times, when we use our camcorder zoom, we loose image quality. Zooming increasesrepparttar image size by amplifying pixels which actually causesrepparttar 137395 subject to loose resolution and quality. The more you zoom in,repparttar 137396 more pixels become amplified andrepparttar 137397 more image quality you loose.

This way, whenever possible, it is always highly recommendable to actually approachrepparttar 137398 subject you wish to zoom in instead of using this camera feature in order to avoid loosing quality. Therefore, whenever possible you should try to avoid zooming and, instead of it, simply walk closer. Whether you are using an analog camcorder or a digital one, by moving closer to your subject you would maintain your video or image quality in a much higher level than if you usedrepparttar 137399 zoom.

Selling Stock Photography for Amateurs

Written by Nick Stubbs

It may have crossed your mind at some point that you would like to sell your images with some ofrepparttar photographic stock agencies online. You may have then visited their sites only to be put off byrepparttar 137394 costs involved with regard torepparttar 137395 equipment needed to "producerepparttar 137396 goods". Many ofrepparttar 137397 larger agencies need file sizes of 50MB which require professional or semi-professional equipment and for whichrepparttar 137398 costs run into thousands.

What a lot of people don't understand is that there are "micro stock" agencies that cater for a different market altogether! You see,repparttar 137399 huge image files required byrepparttar 137400 larger agencies are what are needed for large advertising or marketing companies that need to either show off exceptional quality or reproducerepparttar 137401 images in print, at greatly enlarged proportions. But what aboutrepparttar 137402 rest ofrepparttar 137403 world?

What about small companies that cannot affordrepparttar 137404 rates offered by large stock agencies? What aboutrepparttar 137405 sole trader or self employed that simply needs a few decent images for his/her website or small marketing campaign? What about colleges or faculties that have a strict budget but still need good images for their workshops or tuition? This is where you come in!

The agencies I am talking about, only need good, nice clean images of 2.5 megabytes or above which can be produced by cameras of around 3 mega pixels or higher. This would include your everyday advanced digital compact like a Canon Sureshot for example.

The cost of buyingrepparttar 137406 images is kept very low forrepparttar 137407 consumer asrepparttar 137408 file sizes restrictrepparttar 137409 applications for which they can be used, but are perfect forrepparttar 137410 type of outlets I have just described. Thereforerepparttar 137411 payout is less torepparttar 137412 photographer but sales happen a lot more frequently and you can earn yourself a nice residual income for as long as your images are online. Obviouslyrepparttar 137413 more you haverepparttar 137414 more you earn.

It doesn't mean that you can send any old tat in;repparttar 137415 images must be clean (in all respects), interesting, well taken and well exposed. The agencies normally have a "wants" list which is excellent as it lets you know exactly what you have to do to earn money! Apart from anything, it also gives you more of a reason to go out and make use of your camera in a more exciting way.

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