The eBay Home Biz Acid Tes

Written by Rob Spiegel

For those thinking of starting an Internet-based business, you're lucky to live in an age and country of immense possibility. You can launch from home with little capital. You can even test your idea part-time before quitting your day job. The task of launching will require some imagination, research andrepparttar willingness to adapt to a market, but it doesn't require nearlyrepparttar 117754 risk business start-ups required inrepparttar 117755 recent past.

Launching a business used to be a monster task. When I started a publishing business inrepparttar 117756 mid-1980s, launching an enterprise involved raising capital, finding investors, buying equipment, leasing office space, hiring employees, developing a marketing plan, creating and implementing sales strategies, developing fulfillment operations and filling out tons and tons of paperwork. If you did everything right and ran into a streak of good luck, you had about a one in four chances for success.

The 1980s were a good time for business start-ups compared to earlier periods whenrepparttar 117757 prospects for small business success were dim indeed. There was a point inrepparttar 117758 early 1970s when business academics predictedrepparttar 117759 end of small business. Withrepparttar 117760 development of chain retailers and withrepparttar 117761 mass manufacturing of consumer and industrial goods firmly inrepparttar 117762 hands of large corporations, there was little room inrepparttar 117763 American economy for a small company.

Then camerepparttar 117764 niche market. Whether it was gourmet food products, natural fabric clothes, or special interest magazines, consumers showed a willingness to buy highly specialized products that fell into corners too small for large manufacturing and distribution. Enterprising niche marketers were able to identify and serve specialized groups of fly fishers, hot sauce collectors and heirloom-seed gardeners who were willing to pay a premium for specialized products. An explosion of small niche companies sprang up to serve these high-end consumers.

The key to niche marketing was highly specific expertise. In most cases, proprietors of niche businesses were fellow enthusiasts who were part ofrepparttar 117765 niche community. These entrepreneurs knew how to find their customers and knew how to serve them because they were one of them. Yet these small companies still hadrepparttar 117766 burden of creating catalogs and building shipping operations, not to mention investing heavily in direct mail lists and postage.

Playing "Follow The Leader" - The Downfall Of Many Entrepreneurs

Written by Noel Peebles

A good education is always a good start in life, but think about this for a moment:

Most formal schooling prepares us to work for others. If we are good at following school rules and whatrepparttar teacher says, then we will probably do okay inrepparttar 117753 job world too.

Success inrepparttar 117754 job world, just like at school, depends on how good you are at playingrepparttar 117755 game of "followrepparttar 117756 leader." When your boss says jump - you say how high? Just like at school,repparttar 117757 boss tells you when to show up, imposes acceptable standards of dress and performance, sets assignments and deadlines etc.

If you behave yourself at school, try hard and do your homework on time, then you are rewarded with good marks, good report cards, good friends, certificates, camps, vacations, trophies and special recognition for outstanding achievement.

The job world is no different. You are rewarded with a wage or salary, commissions, promotions, fringe benefits, bonuses, satisfying work, friendships, training programs, vacations and special recognition for jobs well done.

In short, if you were good at playing "follow repparttar 117758 leader" at school, you'll probably be good at playing followrepparttar 117759 leader inrepparttar 117760 job world too.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not knocking "working for someone else." I'm just making a point - to be successful inrepparttar 117761 job world, you need to be a good follower and a good team player. This sense of belonging and security suits most people just fine.

However, working for someone else is nothing like being an entrepreneur andrepparttar 117762 boss of your own business. This is where many "new-comers" in business become horribly unstuck.

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