The diet that worked for me

Written by S D Hill

Author: S D Hill

The diet that worked for me

I have had a lot of issues and problems with my weight. It has had a major effect on my life, it knocked my confidence and I had an all round low self-esteem.

A couple of years ago I decided to do something about it, to try to lose some of my excess fat. I had heard of many different types of diet; most of which I felt were not suitable for me and even sounded disgusting.

I decided on self-help, doing it my way. I knew that exercise would need to be a factor, however was not willing to join a gym. Gyms seem full of people who are already thin! I started to walk a lot more instead of driving everywhere, and started to play tennis again, even though I must admit am pretty rubbish it. I am not exactlyrepparttar most athletic person and this basically was allrepparttar 146810 exercise I did.

The main reason I was overweight was because of my poor diet. I like to eatrepparttar 146811 types of food you are told not to. I love pizzas, a curry, chips, peanuts and especially alcohol. Most people I knew would tell me to cut out all of these from my diet completely- get real! Sorry, that’s not possible, I enjoy them too much.

Cross Train with BOSU!

Written by Matt Russell

You may have seen them inrepparttar gym: half of a large rubber ball that’s flat on one side. They’re often blue in color and look like a gigantic outtie belly button. “What are those things?” you wonder. Well they’re BOSU balls (or balance trainers). It’srepparttar 146690 latest fashion to hit fitness centers across America.

BOSU is an acronym that stands for "Both Sides Up". You can userepparttar 146691 balls, also referred to as trainers, or balance trainers, on either side. Whetherrepparttar 146692 rounded bouncy dome part is up orrepparttar 146693 flat 25 inch platform side is up, you’ll get different types of balance challenges.

This cross-training fitness invention has its origins inrepparttar 146694 field of medicine, balance, functional and sports specific training. It offers a different means to make exercise more appealing and effective for average people, fitness fanatics and highly trained athletes.

So what do you do with it? You can walk, run, step, hop, jump and leap onrepparttar 146695 BOSU trainer. You can work it at an easy steady rate-pace that can be maintained for long periods or pushrepparttar 146696 intensity with anaerobic intervals. Or do some stretching on it. Active stretches userepparttar 146697 muscles ofrepparttar 146698 body to move a body part whereas passive stretching uses gravity or an outside force to put stretch-tension onrepparttar 146699 target muscle(s). While standing or kneeling onrepparttar 146700 dome, you can moverepparttar 146701 upper body lower, higher, torepparttar 146702 sides or by reaching for and picking up cards from various locations onrepparttar 146703 floor, or by touching and/or relocating cones that have been placed in close proximity torepparttar 146704 dome. It’s great for working your trunk too. Maintaining spinal alignment is important to low back health and sports performance.

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