The blunt nose slide

Written by Jakob Jelling

A blunt nose slide is a variation ofrepparttar Wheelie but with an interesting twist. A blunt nose slide is a Wheelie done onrepparttar 137514 front and side of your snowboard. Doingrepparttar 137515 same trick onrepparttar 137516 rear of your snowboard is a switch-stance blunt nose slide.

The two key elements to this trick arerepparttar 137517 wheelie andrepparttar 137518 slide. You must be very proficient at both before trying them together. A slide is fairly easy to getrepparttar 137519 hang of and mostly likely is how you first learnt to stop on your snowboard. As you are riding down a gentle slope, turn to traverserepparttar 137520 slope in such a way that your heels are towards to slope. As you makerepparttar 137521 turn lean back towardsrepparttar 137522 slope to makerepparttar 137523 heel edge of your snowboard dig intorepparttar 137524 slope.

A wheelie has a lot to do withrepparttar 137525 balance and control of your snowboard. The easiest wheelie to do is onrepparttar 137526 tail of your snowboard. Begin by riding down a gentle slope, relax your rear leg slightly and stiffen you front leg. Lean backwards and raise your front leg up in torepparttar 137527 air in order to raiserepparttar 137528 tip of your snowboard offrepparttar 137529 ground.

Catalina Island in the United States

Written by Jakob Jelling

Catalina Island is a very popular diving destination not only inrepparttar United States but throughrepparttar 137422 entire world as well. This island is located atrepparttar 137423 Pacific Ocean, near California, and is known asrepparttar 137424 main diving destination of that region. Tourists who visit this region can practice several different water related sports as well as many other entertaining activities, among which we can name, for example, snorkeling, diving, swimming, windsurfing and kayaking among many others.

One ofrepparttar 137425 main characteristics and principal attractions which bring divers from many different places to Catalina isrepparttar 137426 excellent water visibility they can enjoy in its waters. Visitors who dive in this area's waters enjoy of a great underwater visibility all year around, which allows them to easily observe and even photographrepparttar 137427 underwater world.

Besides visibility, there are several other characteristics which turn this diving destination into a great one. Among these other characteristics, we can namerepparttar 137428 variety of different diving spots this area has. Divers who visit Catalina Island might be able to explore caves, cliffs and wrecks while diving in a variety of spots and surrounded by a very colorful environment as well.

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