The best things in life really are free!

Written by Jennifer Kadamus

The best things in life really are free!!!

Who ever said you couldn't get something for nothing sure was wrong. My husband likes to call merepparttar "Freebie Queen" because one of my all time favorite hobbies is searching for things that I can receive for free. Well you can begin to fill your mailbox with free goodies too all that is required of you is a little bit of time and research. I have received loads of free goodies overrepparttar 113247 past few years including product samples, full sized bottles of shampoo, diapers, baby formula, cosmetics, oral hygiene products, magazine subscriptions, coupons for free products...repparttar 113248 list is almost endless. If you have spent any amount of time onrepparttar 113249 internet I am sure you have seen all ofrepparttar 113250 freebie sites that are out there these days. There are literally thousands of them. But reallyrepparttar 113251 only real great places to get legitimate freebies are message boards that pertain to bargains, coupons, or sales. Just do a search for "coupon message boards" or "freebie forums" Most boards like those will have a very up to date freebie section where members post what they have found. Most members of a very active board have verified that they have gotten whatever freebie it is that they are posting so in a sense they have already done most ofrepparttar 113252 work for you. All you have to do if you find a freebie that catches your eye is go sign up for it, then wait for your freebie to arrive. After a while you will start to notice that your mailbox is filling up more and more. One word of caution before you go searching for your freebies. If you find something that is offered for free but you must sign up for a certain offer like a credit card application or a trial membership somewhere, or even a newsletter subscription DO NOT DO IT! Those are scams and you will never see any type of reward. Also you should never have to pay any type of fee like a shipping charge for something advertised as free. Another great way to possibly get full sized products or coupons for full sized products is go to a company's website and give some feedback aboutrepparttar 113253 products they offer. For instance I once purchased one of those plug in air fresheners and when I got it home to install it, I had foundrepparttar 113254 fragrance oil had leaked all over everything else that I had purchased that day. It was a big mess so I got online and wroterepparttar 113255 company a polite letter explaining to them what had happened. 2 weeks later I received an envelope with coupons for 4 free air fresheners. If you spend money on a product and are not satisfied with it do not be afraid to speak up, you will be heard and probably compensated quite well too. Give companies compliments as well they love to hear from consumers. If you really like a product let them know about it, you never know what you might get in return for your kind words.

Taiwanese Free Gifts

Written by Ieuan Dolby

My House in Taiwan is filled fromrepparttar top to bottom with free gifts. I am tripping over them onrepparttar 113246 floor, cursing them when they fall out of cupboards and stuffing them into cupboards when and where I can find a space. Free Gifts are becoming annoying yet there is not much I can do about it. I cannot refuse or ignore a free gift now can I?

Everybody and his dog own a credit card in Taiwan: Visa or Master Card. Most people in Taiwan have more than one Credit Card and many have hundreds of them. Credit Cards are easier to obtain than a pint of milk and are freely available at every store, garage and shop and in any color or design that you wish for. All one has to do is go along torepparttar 113247 shop in question give an ID number, a current address (that could be false), sign a form and wait a few days forrepparttar 113248 card to arrive.

Oncerepparttar 113249 Card arrives, a high spending limit is freely given and a free gift is thrown at you. Getrepparttar 113250 idea? Apply for a credit card and you get a free gift. Once you haverepparttar 113251 Credit Card andrepparttar 113252 Free Gift both are thrown into a drawer and forgotten about untilrepparttar 113253 Company offers another free gift. The action of freely throwing Credit Cards at people has caused many persons to run into serious debt and to find themselves in big trouble – but that is another story.

This story is about “freebies”. The shops attract customers in a variety of ways. The latest one atrepparttar 113254 President Department Store was that anybody that spends over 200NT Dollars could buy one handy-sized traveler’s bag for: an additional 290NT Dollars. NB: 100NT Dollars is about 2 UK Pounds or 3 US Dollars, so I must admit thatrepparttar 113255 incentive is there. You could of course only get hold of this Superb Bag if you haverepparttar 113256 store Visa Card. Three visible queues where formed on this day thatrepparttar 113257 bags where on offer. One for people trying to spendrepparttar 113258 minimum amount of 200NT Dollars atrepparttar 113259 Candy store to keep their children happy. The other queue was for those collecting their treasures andrepparttar 113260 third was for those startingrepparttar 113261 whole purchase off by obtainingrepparttar 113262 Credit Card. Too late forrepparttar 113263 handy sized bag but ready forrepparttar 113264 next time.

Free gifts are a massive attraction and seem to work very well. I am ofrepparttar 113265 view that anything that is free must be cheap of quality and have something wrong with it. I do though admit that my new handy sized traveler’s bag may come in usefulrepparttar 113266 next time I travel.

Walking around town I am often surprised out of my daydreams by objects being thrust into my hands. It is not normal for me to take note or acknowledge street sellers or hawkers but when “free gifts” are actually freely given I cannot really refuse them. Walking pastrepparttar 113267 three or so Department Stores that vie forrepparttar 113268 same customers I can end up with a pile of shampoo sachets, little packets of toothpaste with a shortened toothbrush, a packet of cream biscuits and some things that are only for woman. Walk back downrepparttar 113269 row once again and I am sure that I could dorepparttar 113270 shopping for a week without having spent a penny (sorry Dollar).

I fitted this little notice board inrepparttar 113271 apartment so that we could put on it anything of importance. First of all I have found out thatrepparttar 113272 board is far too small, andrepparttar 113273 second thing is that any sized board would still be far too small. The current pin board is ten sheets deep in “free” gift tokens, coupons for free drinks, reductions on anything from a T-shirt to a large TV Set. Ten dollars off this product, twenty percent off that product and three forrepparttar 113274 price of one if you presentrepparttar 113275 card on a certain day. Cards that need stamps on them and if you get twenty stamps you can have a member card. Little tokens that need to be used, a token for a free drink fromrepparttar 113276 Seven Eleven, a token for a free doughnut fromrepparttar 113277 local bakery and a little token for a free massage fromrepparttar 113278 parlor downrepparttar 113279 road.

Sad really that some of these tokens will never be used. The Seven Eleven token will be if I ever remember to take it out when I go there. Butrepparttar 113280 doughnut one is a bit peculiar asrepparttar 113281 shop that gaverepparttar 113282 tokens away, never made doughnuts since! Andrepparttar 113283 free massage? Well that one sits hopefully hidden butrepparttar 113284 wife would never allow it.

The Cheese shop annoys me. They give these cards out and if you can spend, over time, upwards of ten thousand dollars then you get a member card and a subsequent 20% discount on all future purchases. For me that would be great and I have spent well over that amount and probably do so every two months or so. I am a cheese addict and this shop isrepparttar 113285 only good one for hundreds of miles around. Yet every time I am accidentally atrepparttar 113286 shop and in desperate need of a cheese pick me up I do not haverepparttar 113287 card with me. Going back torepparttar 113288 house is not practical as it is too far away. Waiting for another day when I do haverepparttar 113289 card is also not practical: addicts need their injections then and now. Not tomorrow, not later but now and so into that shop I go, buy my cheese and get another stamp on a brand new card.

I ask and continue to ask if they will take all of my cards and addrepparttar 113290 stamps together, assuming that this would berepparttar 113291 case. I also hope that because I am a regular and keep their shop alive that they will make allowances for my forgetfulness. No, that is not to be as either my face is easily forgettable or they have a grudge against me. No way will they accept my twenty or more cards with one stamp each – they want to see one card with twenty stamps on it.

Yes, my little notice board is a confusion of incentives. So many freebies, coupons and stamp cards, that would take me a week to unravel and another year to act upon. Goods that are only reduced on a certain day ofrepparttar 113292 week, points to collect before a blanket can be freely obtained, meals to eat if we have one first and free months worth of pet food if we first buy a pet! Wow, I was considering placing all of these incentives onto a specially made computer program. First thing inrepparttar 113293 morning I could wake up, switchrepparttar 113294 machine on and checkrepparttar 113295 list of things that I must do today and take advantage of all that is on offer.

My Computer tells me this: Breakfast atrepparttar 113296 Coffee Shop first, as I will get a free coffee if I spend over 100NT Dollars. Then I will take my stamp coupons torepparttar 113297 Cheese shop and buy some cheese, then go torepparttar 113298 Garage for some Petrol and get some free Tissues (the garage that is miles away from anywhere). After returning with my free box of tissues I would then have to collectrepparttar 113299 correct coupon and go torepparttar 113300 Seven Eleven for my Free Green Tea. I would drink that on my way torepparttar 113301 Electrical Goods store where handy sized Food Mixers are on a one-day special offer (even though I don’t need one). Then go and pay my Telephone Bill where I have a coupon for a free shopping bag to add torepparttar 113302 collection that I have already.

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