The benefits of having a web site

Written by Candice Humbley

When you’re searching throughrepparttar Internet you will find endless amounts of information, about everything, and all at your fingertips. The Internet isrepparttar 134427 largest source of knowledge inrepparttar 134428 world. Why is this? Because anyone can get their information on there. All you need is a web site and a resource generous web hosting company.

Many people think that getting their website onrepparttar 134429 Internet is an expensive venture, fortunately though, this need not necessarily be true; if you findrepparttar 134430 right web host,repparttar 134431 benefits of having a web site will definitely outweighrepparttar 134432 costs.

There are many different ways to benefit from having a web site, whether it is for personal gain, or to aid your business success. Those who have their own personal websites generally use them to further an interest or a hobby; having a web site is a great way to share and exchange knowledge with others. Businesses onrepparttar 134433 other hand use a website to promote and market their goods and services, while cutting back on such expenses as postage, couriers and advertising, etc.

These are but a few key benefits of owning a website:

Increased awareness of products and services – Businesses can now greatly expand their markets, no need to constrainrepparttar 134434 focus to onlyrepparttar 134435 local scene, but by usingrepparttar 134436 Internet, businesses can venture into international and regional markets, with greater ease. This dynamically changesrepparttar 134437 nature andrepparttar 134438 marketing activities of some businesses, possibly encouragingrepparttar 134439 business to expandrepparttar 134440 diversity of its products and services, to meet these new markets. Websites, in their nature, allow hundreds and thousands of items to be on view 24/7; thus encouraging wider viewing, and extended trading hours.

Freedom – Withrepparttar 134441 freedom of being able to post your information on your website, hence onrepparttar 134442 Internet, at any time ofrepparttar 134443 day; available information of all variations is increasing at a huge rate. The freedom to browse anywhere and interact with anyone is enough to temptrepparttar 134444 smallest of businesses andrepparttar 134445 most introverted of people to get onrepparttar 134446 Net; hence Net users are increasing in numbers, at an alarming rate, approximately 50,000 per day. Businesses are buzzing onrepparttar 134447 Net, they have found a way to compete on an even field, with evenrepparttar 134448 largest of corporations; and within a daily increasing customer marketplace.

Managed Hosting - What's it all about?

Written by Candice Humbley

A new trend, appearing inrepparttar Web Hosting industry, isrepparttar 134426 concept of Managed Web Hosting. Web hosts have been offering dedicated servers for a while now, however, because dedicated servers can be difficult to operate technically, there has been a demand for web hosts to provide extra services such as: reporting and monitoring; managed load balancing; managed security; managed storage; and, managed databases. These extra services are referred to as 'managed hosting'.

Do you need it?

Before you think about managed hosting you will first need to decide whether or not you need a dedicated server. You will need a dedicated server if you have a high-traffic web site. If you only have a small web site with low traffic levels then a shared hosting arrangement should be fine. A dedicated server is more expensive to rent and more difficult to operate than a shared hosting solution but if your business depends on a steady service then you should seriously consider renting a dedicated server.

The only disadvantage with dedicated web hosting is that you will have to do a lot ofrepparttar 134427 server administration yourself, and to do this you will need to possess some technical skills; hencerepparttar 134428 demand for managed hosting. If you fall into this category of needing a dedicated server but you need your host to provide system administration services such as security, firewalls, monitoring and reporting services, and data backup then most likely you will need managed hosting.

How do you find Managed hosting packages?

Many web hosts who once provided only shared and dedicated web hosting are now beginning to offer managed services too. A good place to start looking for managed hosting is through web hosting directories and search engines, by doing a search for managed hosting you should receive a good list of managed hosting providers. Another key place to start is by contacting hosts who are offering dedicated hosting and ask them if they can provide a managed hosting arrangement as well.

Companies providing managed hosting will either offer managed hosting per item or in a pre-configured plan. Per-item managed hosting gives yourepparttar 134429 freedom to pick and choose what services you need or do not need; onrepparttar 134430 other hand, a pre-configured plan will includerepparttar 134431 dedicated server andrepparttar 134432 managed hosting services at a monthly fee.

What should I look for in a managed hosting provider?

When choosing a managed hosting provider it is a good idea that your host providesrepparttar 134433 following qualities:

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