The art of using effectively a motivational quote

Written by Lynne Dean

Choose a motivational quote related to your goal. Donít have one? Go to Motivational Central. Browse throughrepparttar wide variety of motivational quotes and pick one: sport, love, positive thinking, self-esteem, weight loss, business ect.

Once you have chosenrepparttar 145039 quote that will inspire you, print it. To make it more effective, you may want to print it on a nice piece of paper with an attractive font. Or you can simply write it down with your best handwriting. It has to stimulate you.

Post it somewhere obvious such as:

  • Bathroom mirror
  • Dashboard
  • Billboard around your desk
  • In a picture frame above your bed
  • Screen saver

Read if frequently. Several times a day. If possible say it out loud. Add a feeling to it. Believe it.

It wonít make a difference today, nor tomorrow, but wait for./ a couple of weeks thenrepparttar 145040 positive affect should resume before your realize it. Remember, it takes time to reprogram your brain to think differently. It will work; it will changerepparttar 145041 way you think.

Journal Your 100 Life Goals

Written by Doreene Clement

Journal Your 100 Life Goals By Doreene Clement Recording and tracking your 100 Life Goals in a journal is a powerful tool that can add to your personal and professional well being. Journaling goals is a great way to focus, clarify, and understand what your true intentions are, and how you are going to reach your goals.

In your journal you will record and track your Life Goals, 1 thru 100. (Or your 10 Life Goals, or 150, or 1,000, whatever number of goals you have now, remembering you can add to and delete from your list of Life Goals throughrepparttar years.)

To start- Find a blank book that is hardcover and has more pages than your number of goals. You also may use more than 1 blank book. Next, write "Goal Number 1" on page 1 ofrepparttar 145002 blank book, then write your goal. (Your goals do not need to be listed in order of importance to you, they can be listed as you think of them.)

Example - Goal Number 1. I want to read over 100 books.

As you read each book you can recordrepparttar 145003 titles and how you likedrepparttar 145004 book. Would you recommend it? Journal what feels important to you about what you have read.

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