The art of home decoration

Written by Marjan Zemljic

If you would have your rooms interesting as well as beautiful, make them say something, give them a spinal column by keeping all ornamentation subservient to line.

Before you buy anything, try to imagine how you want each room to look when completed; getrepparttar picture well in your mind, as a painter would; think outrepparttar 100034 main features, forrepparttar 100035 details all depend upon these and will quickly suggest themselves. This is, inrepparttar 100036 long run,repparttar 100037 quickest andrepparttar 100038 most economical method of furnishing.

There is a theory that no room can be created all at once, that it must grow gradually. In a sense this is a fact, so far as it refers torepparttar 100039 amateur. The professional is always occupied with creating and recreating rooms and can instantly summon to mind complete schemes of decoration. The amateur can also learn to mentally furnish rooms. It is a fascinating pastime when one getsrepparttar 100040 knack of it.

How To Paint Your Own Artwork - And Save Money

Written by Catherine Calder

Everyone wants to save money. Don't you? Well, painting your own, color matched art can be a lot easier than you might think!

Usuallyrepparttar picture that you want for your room will have an outrageous price. Or maybe you just can't find anything that matches your new color scheme?

There is a simple way to paint your own pictures and save a fortune. Not only will you save money but you can exactly match your décor as well. Use this easy method and you can make your own unique pictures.

First decide what size of picture you want and buy a suitable stretched canvas. It needs to be suitable for acrylic paints which are water based. Some canvases are only suitable for oil based paints, and will not work for this project.

It will be easiest to choose an abstract theme. Abstract art will look good in most rooms. You can include shapes from any ofrepparttar 100033 patterns inrepparttar 100034 furnishings. Use a basic shape rather than trying to copyrepparttar 100035 shape in detail. For example, just use a simple leaf outline rather than showing every vein inrepparttar 100036 leaf as it is depicted inrepparttar 100037 curtains.

Any water based paints used inrepparttar 100038 room can be included in repparttar 100039 picture for a perfect match. Otherwise take along a color sample of your paint or wallpaper, as well as any fabric samples when you go to buyrepparttar 100040 paints forrepparttar 100041 picture.

I like to use acrylic paints as they come in a large range of colors. It is easy to adaptrepparttar 100042 colors to match those that are already inrepparttar 100043 room. Also acrylics come in a range of metallic colors which can look stunning.

Another option is to use tester pots of interior paint. This can be an economic way of buying colors for your picture - as long asrepparttar 100044 paints are water based.

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