The art of "Page Positioning"

Written by Janette Moran

Page positioning is an art and a job all-its' own. It is a tedious and boring, yet equally justifiable. Page positioning is a necessity for any web site that needs to be noticed. And vital for search engine ranking.

Search Engines Ranking high / scoring high / getting a good placement, all meanrepparttar same thing. All search engines judgerepparttar 128417 pages submitted to them based on their own criteria. Even with all ofrepparttar 128418 variation, many principles seem to hold true. Most search engines use software to quickly scanrepparttar 128419 pages it receives. Withrepparttar 128420 information gathered it tries to categorize your site according to repparttar 128421 search engines data bank. When a person searches for specific words,repparttar 128422 system "pulls-up" from its' data bankrepparttar 128423 most relevant sites that corresponds to these words. It does this by matchingrepparttar 128424 same words used in repparttar 128425 search torepparttar 128426 words on a page. The sites that contain these words with most frequency, and inrepparttar 128427 correct places, are favored over other pages.

But What isrepparttar 128428 "right frequency" & "correct places" By frequency we do not intend for you to go and make your site read every other wordrepparttar 128429 same. What we meant inrepparttar 128430 previous paragraph, was that you should includerepparttar 128431 words you think most frequently will be used to search out your page, AND that of your competitors. Use these words as "Key Words" to insert intorepparttar 128432 image text, body, Meta Tags, Title and various places of your web-site.

"Key Words" Key words may well berepparttar 128433 most important factor behind any determined web site. They getrepparttar 128434 attention ofrepparttar 128435 viewer, keep them reading, help place your site in search engine searches, and bring yourepparttar 128436 added traffic you desire. It is important that you choose your Key Words with care. They are not to be treated lightly. It is better that you not use them at all, than to underestimate them. Key words can be chosen in many ways. However I strongly recommend using repparttar 128437 method that follows. 1) First, take some time to carefully compile a list a words you feel strongly represent your business / web site. They should reflect what you believe are words most likely searched by your current / future clients, prospective clients,repparttar 128438 general public, and even skeptics or bashers of your trade. Include all ofrepparttar 128439 words and phrases you think these same people would use to seek out your competitors, and likely employed tradesmen or trades women. 2) Narrow this list down to approximately 20 entries of 2 - 3 word phrases that use as many ofrepparttar 128440 words you chose as possible. For instance a cookie baker with a list containing words such as chocolate chip, raisin oatmeal, batter, dough, experts, cookie, gourmet, dozens, etc., etc., can maximizerepparttar 128441 potency of his "Key Words" by using them together to make catchy and reusable phrases. Like "Gourmet cookie dough" or "Cookies buyrepparttar 128442 dozen." If kept even shorter between 2-3 words you can use them allrepparttar 128443 time when submitting your page manually torepparttar 128444 engines. They will usually ask for additional descriptive words, or key words. 3) Check them "Key Words" out with a key word generator that counts search frequency / popularity of "Key Words." They can help you determine just how often people actually search these words. Keep onlyrepparttar 128445 most popular or highly searched words. 4) Search repparttar 128446 "Key Words" yourself. There is no point in trying to tweak your page out to one word only to find that soooooo many other people have too there is no way for you to compete with 1 billion other sites generated in that search. Look forrepparttar 128447 miracle phrase. The break inrepparttar 128448 clouds. The one no body has thought of ... but everyone is searching. How? Well, every time you search and it is truly a good and popular key word, or phrase, butrepparttar 128449 results returned contained mostly unrelated sites ... this isrepparttar 128450 perfect "key Word" choice. Use this and any like it to place into your Title, Header, Meta Tags andrepparttar 128451 like. They should however be tailored to each individual pages needs.

How To Get Your Site Listed in the Search Engines

Written by Herman Drost

Getting listed inrepparttar Search Engines these days is crucial if you want to attract consistent traffic to your web site. Yet it is not easy these days. A listing inrepparttar 128416 Pay Per Click Search Engines is beyondrepparttar 128417 expense of what most small business marketers can handle. Getting listed inrepparttar 128418 others takes many weeks of tweaking your site and even after all that is done, there is still no guarantee.

What'srepparttar 128419 answer? The answer is to create a Theme-Based Site which will contain tightly focused keywords centering onrepparttar 128420 theme ofrepparttar 128421 site.

Why are Theme-Based Sites so important? Search Engines have become wise torepparttar 128422 millions of doorway pages being created. Online marketers try to trickrepparttar 128423 search engines in order to get a high ranking. This has now changed.

As of last year, search engines are looking atrepparttar 128424 whole site as one page. Each page must relate tightly torepparttar 128425 whole theme. This will alllowrepparttar 128426 person searching to pull up only those sites focused on repparttar 128427 subject he is searching for.

How Does This Work? 1.The Theme-Based Site focuses on one product or service. You then build all your pages centered around this theme, being careful to create and weave researched keywords throughout your title, meta tags, headings and content.

Here's howrepparttar 128428 search engine indexes your site: Indexing of site title Indexing of meta tags Indexing of major headings Indexing of text content of pages Finallyrepparttar 128429 search engine looks atrepparttar 128430 links on your site.

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