The XC90 V8: A Purebred Performer with Its Supercharged Volvo Performance Parts

Written by Jenny McLane

Volvo has achieved many environmental milestones overrepparttar years. The ULEV-II certified low emission vehicles includingrepparttar 137139 XC90 V8 is another testimony to its commitment torepparttar 137140 environment. The production Volvo XC90 V8 hasrepparttar 137141 makings of purebred performer. With 311 horsepower and 325 ft.-lb. or torque at a low 3,900 rpmrepparttar 137142 Volvo XC90 stresses its position as one ofrepparttar 137143 most successful SUV models inrepparttar 137144 premium segment.

The new V8 engine marks a new turning point in Volvo Cars' history. Since 1927, it isrepparttar 137145 first V8repparttar 137146 company has produced andrepparttar 137147 Volvo XC90 isrepparttar 137148 first model to be powered byrepparttar 137149 new engine. One absolute requirement forrepparttar 137150 new V8 engine was that it had to be installed transversely inrepparttar 137151 engine compartment, just like all other Volvo engines.

A transverse engine is helpful in maintainingrepparttar 137152 frontal crumple zones inrepparttar 137153 XC90 and thus not compromise on protective safety," says Hans Wikman. For this reason, extremely compact external dimensions were essential forrepparttar 137154 new engine. This also explainsrepparttar 137155 choice of just 60 degrees betweenrepparttar 137156 two banks of cylinders -- as opposed torepparttar 137157 more conventional 90 degrees.

The XC90 V8 has an estimated 600 horsepower withrepparttar 137158 use of a massive supercharger, revised engine mapping and low restriction exhaust. That power is routed through Volvo's Haldex electronically controlled all-wheel-drive system. The system is "pre-charged" which means that power may be instantly routed torepparttar 137159 wheel withrepparttar 137160 most traction. A new 6-speed automatic "Geartonic" transmission rounds outrepparttar 137161 driveline. Volvo C90 V8 engine has compact dimensions and weighs just 418 pounds, which is necessary for low fuel consumption. It has ultra high performance alloy wheels, ultra deep front air dam, small, high intensity fog lamps, and custom fabricated wheel arches, 13-inch floating rear brakes, shod with 4-piston calipers. 15-inch floating discs with 8-piston calipers handle brake duty up front.

Replacement Parts for the Mercedes Benz S Class Hybrid Sedan

Written by Jenny Mc Lane

The combination of electric drive withrepparttar 7G-Tronic automatic transmission ensures thatrepparttar 137138 S-Class "Hybrid" constantly operates atrepparttar 137139 optimum level. "This reduces fuel consumption by 15 to 25 percent depending onrepparttar 137140 driving cycle, while atrepparttar 137141 same time enhancing comfort," says Prof. Herbert Kohler, Head ofrepparttar 137142 Vehicle Body and Drive Systems Directorate at DaimlerChrysler AG.

Combining a V8 diesel engine withrepparttar 137143 latest generation of hybrid drive systems developed jointly by DaimlerChrysler and General Motors, Mercedes Benz introducesrepparttar 137144 S Class Hybrid, which unlike many conventional hybrids,repparttar 137145 system dispenses with a torque converter; this is replaced byrepparttar 137146 hybrid-specific components. The hybrid concept is based onrepparttar 137147 7G-Tronic automatic transmission in combination withrepparttar 137148 P1/2 hybrid transmission, which thanks to its compact dimensions does not restrict interior space. "The use ofrepparttar 137149 7G-Tronic automatic transmission makes for a comfort level that is unique inrepparttar 137150 world of hybrids," emphasized Weber. "Shifting is even faster and more convenient in continuously variable mode."

Setting a new record for cars with hybrid drive system,repparttar 137151 S Class has a maximum output of 340 horsepower. The two electric motors have a combined output of 70 horsepower. The diesel can be started at any time without transition, independently of driving mode. The V8 diesel engine rechargesrepparttar 137152 battery whilerepparttar 137153 vehicle is in motion while energy is recovered during braking. The hybrid concept is based onrepparttar 137154 7G-Tronic automatic transmission in combination withrepparttar 137155 P1/2 hybrid transmission, which thanks to its compact dimensions does not restrict interior space. The system dispenses with a torque converter; this is replaced byrepparttar 137156 hybrid-specific components.

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