The Written Word - How to use it to Create Powerful Sales Letters

Written by Chuck Crawley

The *written word* isrepparttar most powerful source of influence inrepparttar 129899 universe. Just think about howrepparttar 129900 daily newspaper forcesrepparttar 129901 opinions ofrepparttar 129902 people who live in your hometown.

The *written word* is AWESOME!

So, how are you using it to *influence* your web site visitor or target audience in your email marketing campaign?

You CAN write Dynamic, opinion-changing ads, web page content and Sales Letters if you just follow a few simple techniques.

Learn how to breakdown your ideas into simple steps and you can create marketing materials that forces people to obey your commands and put your online marketing efforts in *over-drive*.

A Simple Sales Letter Template:

To create a great sales letter for your website or Autoresponder, just follow these 4 easy steps.

Step 1: ======= ** Take your best *shot* right up-front.

Your sales letter must *Grab* attention starting withrepparttar 129903 first line of text. Blow it here and you're Doomed. If you've done your homework, then you know whatrepparttar 129904 Most Appealing Benefits of your product or services are. Use them atrepparttar 129905 very beginning of your letter. A bulleted list of STRONG benefits will keep them reading.

====================================================== How has your Bowling game been lately?

The TURBO THUNDER ball can:

* Increase your scoring by over 25 pins.

* Decreaserepparttar 129906 effort that you have to make to Explode repparttar 129907 pins.

* Make yourepparttar 129908 envy of your bowling team. ====================================================== Notice how I only mentionrepparttar 129909 emotional benefits (What's in this for me?) that a bowler is looking for. No technical stuff here. We'll get to that later. The longerrepparttar 129910 listrepparttar 129911 more you'll getrepparttar 129912 reader involved with your proposal.

Step 2 ====== ** Throw in a few technical goodies

Tell them why this product is better thanrepparttar 129913 rest. Do it quickly. You don't want to bore your audience.

====================================================== The TURBO THUNDER is made of pure titanium stock with a revolutionary weight block that was designed by scientist atrepparttar 129914 NASA space center.

You can choose from eight (8) custom colors and five (5) different surface stocks. ====================================================== The technical stuff is necessary but your primary goal here is to *make sales*. Sales are made by sparkingrepparttar 129915 emotions. So, move past this part quickly.


Written by Craig Lock

PLAGIARISM: Wow . What a big word, like "marmalade". Hope I spelt it correctly!

PLAGIARISM is deliberately copying someone else's work and putting your name to it. A couple of years ago, there was a celebrated case in my former homeland, South Africa. A university lecturer had copied extracts from American author, Joseph Leyleveld's excellent book, MOVE YOUR SHADOW. ( An excellent book, byrepparttar way!). A big extract was taken word for word and he was discovered (and was forced to resign his prestigious position). Naughty naughty!

Plagiariasm seems to be quite prevalent amongst songwriters, like George Michael, but bet there are many writers too. "Prima donnas"!

A final few words in summary onrepparttar 129898 subject of plagiarism... When deciding whether you are perhaps infringing copyright and/or plagiarism, ask yourself this question:

1. "If I wasrepparttar 129899 author, how would I feel about someone 'copying my hard-worked for writing' "? Sometimes "word-for-word".

2. "Hasrepparttar 129900 writer made a genuine effort to put repparttar 129901 material into his/her own words?" and

3. "Has he/she just copied or borrowed my ideas and other points from my writing?"

I think "imitation isrepparttar 129902 sincerest form of flattery"! Still don't plagiarise my work, please!


DEFAMATION (not a bodily function - OOPS, ER ! ).. but if you do, you will soon be really deep inrepparttar 129903 "rich brown stuff". Always keep a good name. Avoid libel suits (must replace mine somedayrepparttar 129904 lot/financial fortunes ofrepparttar 129905 writer!). Never defame anyone in your writing, especially after they've "fallen off their perch" (ie. after they are deceased - thanks Monty Python). As writers we are very privileged people, who can directly influence public opinion. Most other people don't haverepparttar 129906 opportunity to defend themselves throughrepparttar 129907 avenue of publicly written words. So it's a heavy responsibility we writers have to conveyrepparttar 129908 truth (is that subjective or absolute? - that's an entire essay in itself). Well our opinion of it, anyway .

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