The World is Flat - This book by Friedman should open everyone's eyes to work at home potential

Written by Purva Mewar

The New York Times' columnist visits India often. I read about this new book The World is Flat in his interview with a leading Indian National newspaper. The tÍte-ŗ-tÍte in general awakened my senses.. most ofrepparttar interview revolved around internet and its major impact on business community in general.  Let us focus upon one facet -repparttar 146643 possibility of making money online.

According to his new book The World is Flat ( and how right he is!) Internet has been successful in providing all of us with a platform to grow. Internet has provided each one of us with an equal opportunity and scope to make use of it and make money online. A simple, single handedly well managed website can earnrepparttar 146644 webmaster a fortune. An idea single mindedly managed did make Sabeer Bhatiarepparttar 146645 'Hotmail guy' a billionaire! Andrepparttar 146646 internet has gone far beyond and its scope has expanded many times since... No more exceptions now. We can all work onrepparttar 146647 internet. work from home. And make money online.

Why People say Ė There is no money in Internet Marketing.

Written by Raamakant S.

Why People say Ė There is no money in Internet Marketing.

By: Raamakant S.

Just finished check my email. Nothing new, three payment notification emails from PayPal, two new ClickBank sales, one new prospect in membership site Iím promoting and one mail from a frustrated marketer ďIíve been doing Internet marketing for last 3 years, Iíve joined so many programs. I max out my credit card but havenít made a dime yet.Ē

I receive this type of mails daily and always wonder why people donít earn money through Internet. In fact itísrepparttar easiest way to make money. I think there may be two reasons behind it.

1. People are not willing to learn.

People donít want to learn. A research shows that 97% people think that they are smarter than others and they need not to learn new things. Iím not saying that they are wrong. Off course they are expert in their field but when it comes to other field or say Internet marketing they are zero. They donít know anything about it so they should learn first.

You may ask what aboutrepparttar 146642 rest 3%. Well these 3% people donít think they are smarter (they are actually smartest) and they try to learn from everyone. Thatís why these 3% people are having 97% wealth ofrepparttar 146643 world.

2. Internet is filled with hypes.

The second reason is that internet is filled with hypes. There are thousands of companies and marketers, who want only your money. They donít care about you and usually donít deliver what they promised. When somebody tries to learn from them, he ends up with an exhausted credit card and a belief that ďThere is no money in Internet MarketingĒ

Sorepparttar 146644 real question is what you should do to get succeed. In one line ďLearn everything from a reliable source and implement that strategies in your business.

There is a shocking fact ďsuccessful internet marketers donít try to sale anything to anybodyĒ.

ďWhat, how will they earn money if they donít saleĒ you may ask. Well first they gain trust of people and than simply recommend some product. The best way to gain trust is give them some valuable gift. It may be a mini-course, a short report or some kind of software. You too can do it.

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